Seeking to distance himself from the internals of the Frente de Todos, Sergio Massa found the agreement with the Club de Paris

buscando distanciarse de las internas del frente de todos sergio massa cerro el acuerdo con el club de paris 1444491

The Minister of Economy Sergio Massa announced this month that the national government will launch a renegotiation for a capital sum of 1,972 million dollars with Paris Club.

In this context, the team of ReProfilAr communicate with Alejandro Gomelaccredited journalist at Casa Rosada, who spoke about the renegotiation of the god with the accreedores and the announcements of president Fernández.

The important announcement of the day by Sergio Massa when he presented a credit program for the pymes: the minister closed the payment agreement with the Club de Paris”, assured Gomel.

“Mass broke away from the internal battles of the Frente de Todos and announced something very expected”, the interviewee said. “On the other hand, Fernández asked for a greater satellite connectivity of health centers”complete.

Acknowledged: Mass managed to refinance the US$2400 million loan with the Club de Paris

Finally, Gomel asserted that the president criticized Justice for to stop the increase in communication services.

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