Russia suspends grain deal with Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Saturday, 29, that it suspended its participation in the grain agreement, brokered by the United Nations, with Ukraine. According to the agency, the suspension is for an “indefinite” period and the decision is linked to a drone attack that took place on the Crimean peninsula.

“With the actions, which can only be qualified as a terrorist attack, by the Ukrainian armed forces, led by British experts, directed, among other things, against Russian ships that guarantee the functioning of the specified humanitarian corridor, we cannot guarantee the safety of the dry cargo humanitarian ships participating in the ‘Black Sea Initiative’ and we have suspended its implementation from today for an indefinite period,” the government said.

The grain treaty is essential for world food security. Today, authorities on the peninsula announced that ships from the Russian Black Sea Fleet fought a drone attack in Sevastopol Bay.

According to Russia, the target of the attack was the ships in charge of guaranteeing the security of the “grain corridor”, established after the agreement between the Ukrainian and Russian government, in July of this year.

Ukraine and Britain have denied the Russian government’s accusations, saying they were releasing “false information on an epic scale”. The grain deal was due to expire in November this year.

The treaty, also mediated by Turkey, allowed the export of millions of tons of grain blocked in Ukrainian ports since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February this year. The UN considered it important that all parties “refrain from any action that could jeopardize an agreement with a positive impact on the distribution of food in the world”.

Turkey, on the other hand, reported that so far it has not been “officially notified” of the suspension. “According to Russian authorities, the attack in Crimea, a logistical base in the rear of the offensive in Ukraine, involved nine unmanned aerial vehicles and seven autonomous maritime drones,” the Turkish government said.

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