“Reflections of Change”, by Marisa Russo

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In the PROFILE Diary Culture Supplement We offer every week “Narcolepsy – Coordinates for an approach to poetry”, and the chosen one on this occasion is “Reflections of change”, by Argentine Marisa Russo:

I have not learned the lección del invierno.

The voice of Central Park divides the buildings.

Reclaims the mirada de mi madre

who is sad in his rodillas because he did not receive my visit.

In the health of the decorator of the antique shop.

I stopped to see the typewriter

while the chica del dial was harassed by her jefe.

I have been very insensitive,

soy la nieve en la rutina de almanacs.

Without embargo, in the last snowfall a vagabond

I tended to my hand on Madison Avenue.

Late spring,

until the cold finds

its exit on the thresholds of the poem.

Marisa Russo (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1969). Poet, editor, cultural manager, professor and adjunct professor at Hunter College, City University of New York, based in the USA. since 1986. He lived in Costa Rica between the years 1981-1986 from where he created in 2015 the Turrialba Literaria movement. You are the editorial head of New York Poetry Pressseal that founded in 2018, that in the current account with diez collections of poetry and the digital magazine New York Poetry Review with launch in 2020. His work has been translated into English and appears in several anthologies and magazines. She is director of the Festival Latinomericano de Poesía Ciudad de Nueva York and president of the FIP Turrialba, Costa Rica. the book The Language of the Parks / The Language of the Parks (2018) received honorary mention at the International Latino Book Awards (Best Poetry Book, Spanish).

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