Psoriasis: 13 home remedies that can relieve it

Every October 29th, World Psoriasis Day is celebrated to raise awareness of the disease.

Psoriasis is a skin condition, chronic and autoimmunewhich is manifested with red spots and scales that can be confused with dandruff, especially in the rodillas, los codos, the trunk and the hairy skin, when not in any part of the body.

It is not contagious and affects approximately 2% of the population. In Argentina, there are no specific statistics, but it is estimated that there are 750,000 people suffering from psoriasis; the majority are women.

It occurs because the immune system causes overproduction of skin cells.

SORIASIS 20221027
It doesn’t get infected, but it can be annoying. There are several things that help.


causes picazón y burning; sometimes irritation. Suele introduce himself at irregular cycles: sometimes it lasts a few days, but sometimes it lasts for weeks or even months. You can relieve yourself with specific medication (topical applications of alquitrán de hulla, for example) controlled in a medical office and with certain lifestyle habits that reduce the discomfort.

There are even some home remedies that anyone can implement, with prior consultation with a dermatologist.

SORIASIS 20221027
Los morrones, because they continue capsaicin.
SORIASIS 20221027
Seeds and variety of flavors.

Some people with psoriasis may have a bad chance of having it overweight and a greater risk of suffering other conditions, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. regular physical activity You can help reduce the risk of these additional problems.

The diet and one nutrition sana are also important in the soil for psoriasis as well as maintaining cardiovascular health and the secondary effects of psoriasis.

13 home remedies:

1.avoid the goals and the foods with sugar
two. take a lot Water per day
3. Do not consume foods with trans fats, especially those present in processed foods (canned, packaged, frozen, etc.) fast food (fast food)
4. Make the consumption of fruits and vegetables a habit, because they have, in general, anti-inflammatory properties.

Front labeling 20220819
Do not consume processed foods.
This sweet addition called sugar that can sick in silence
Avoid foods with sugar.

Some home remedies can interact with medical treatment, so it is essential to consult a specialist doctor before adopting them.

5. Sunbathe
Exposure to UVB rays from the sun sometimes improves the appearance of someone’s skin with psoriasis, but exposure should be brief and gradual, starting for 5 minutes and increasing to 30 minutes.

Before sunbathing, cover your skin with sunscreen and clothing to expose only the affected areas to the sun.

The UVA rays of the solar beds are not recommended. According to studies, they can increase the risk of contracting melanoma by 59%.
It is also discouraged from taking care of people with a family history of skin cancer.

SORIASIS 20221027
Blue fish, due to its high content of omega-3 fatty acids
Scientists created a new portable water desalinator that could help in natural disasters
Pure water, all possible.

6. consume certain fish and food with omega-3 grease

Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and improve autoimmune diseases. The most important are: alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). There are fish oil supplements that contain them in high doses, but before consuming them, a medical consultation is required because some medications are incompatible or can cause nausea, diarrhea or indigestion. However, there are natural foods rich in these acids:

fish and “blue” or cold-water seafood: salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines and herring
• Nueces and linaza and chia seedsamong others.
• Oils of vegetable origin such as linaza, soy and canola

Wheat and Canola Farming as Australia set to Boost Exports
The oil made from the canolaexcellent for skin problems, among other things.

7.consume red morrón

contienen capsaicin, a component that has been studied several times for its anti-inflammatory quality. It diminishes the thickness of the skin, the scaling and the reddening. It should be consumed in moderation, above all they are spicy.

8. Take yogurt

the probiotics There are beneficial bacteria in patients with autoimmune diseases and they are present in yogurt and fermented foods. They are also marketed as dietary supplements.

Some research studies suggest that a specific type of probiotic, Bifidobacterium infantil 35624, can help regulate the body’s inflammatory responses that contribute to the symptoms of psoriasis.

Delphine dairy products.  20220602
Yogurt probiotics benefit people with autoimmune diseases.

9. Add turmeric to foods

There curcumin It is the active ingredient of turmeric and there are several jobs that show its anti-inflammatory value.

10. Oregon Grape

Oregon grape, Mahonia aquifolium, is a plant-based remedy that can help calm the immune response in people with psoriasis. With grapes from Oregon, “safe and effective” creams are prepared for mild and moderate psoriasis, summarize some studies.

Aloe Vera 20221027
aloe vera
SORIASIS 20221027
Oregon grape.

11. Aloe vera

From burns to skin reddening, the inner gel that has a today of the aloe vera plant you can do wonders. Obviously it also reduces reddening, scaling and inflammation caused by psoriasis. It is also sold in combination with other products such as propoleum.

12.Hydrate la skin

In addition to hydrating it with water, the external help of a good cream that contains hulla alquitrán and salicylic acid is not bad.

SORIASIS 20221027
Sunbathing with great prudence, exposing the parts affected by psoriasis can help.
Dead Sea 20221027
The bath in water salad is very good, above all it is in the Dead Seawhere there is a concentration of 5% of magnesium sales.

13. topics with salt O oatmeal

Los baños tibios con colloidal avena or epsom saloons can be favorables, but when they are too long or hot they are counterproductive because they remueven the sebum de de la skin and empeoran psoriasis.

Stress is one of the worst enemies of psoriasis.

In 2005, studies were created to see if the famous sales of the Mar Muerto relieved patients with psoriasis. For 15 minutes, the volunteers immersed a forearm in water with a concentration of 5% of magnesium salts, very present in the Dead Sea. In addition to greater hydration, the participants showed less roughness and inflammation in the skin.

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