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Some claim that the country’s economy is doing as it is due to inflation, others assert that it is because the state squanders public funds and also they are charging the paints against the receipts of the International Monetary Fund. But now it turns out that the fault of everyone seems to have the PASO, to which one wants to derogate due to which they would represent an expense as superfluous as the thoughts of certain participants of Gran Hermano.

On the ground and so: we are not at all responsible for the primary obligations for the elimination of Boca before Patronato, for the sequence that affects the Central Region and for the cancellation of the contract that unites Marcelo Tinelli with El Trece.

A consequence of what nobody doubts is the division of waters that has produced this question within the Frente de Todos, where the only thing that was missing was a spark, so that the unit burns like a sting of aedes aegypti. “Lo mejor es que la gente vote”, expressed by President Alberto Fernández, in which many young people interpreted that it was an opinion about the exit of Tomás Holder.

On the contrary, officialist senator Juliana Di Tullio says that “people get tired of going to vote a thousand times a year”, perhaps referring to Antigua Grecia, where the Athenian citizens decided in the assembly to both declare war and instruct Penelope so that it is in punto cruz instead of crochet.

Another was the reason for the dissent in the opposition’s block, where the treatment of the 2023 Presupuesto project in the Lower Chamber divided positions in favor and against, abstentions, no positive votes, no negative votes and a deputy that it’s time to fix his position had said: “¡Pido hook, the one who touches me is un chancho!”.

The Law of Laws managed to be approved in general, although it contained articles that, if treated in particular, could result in episodes of verbal violence, only comparable to those tested by the rivals of Racing against Jonathan Galván, responsible for the wrong criminal that prevented the Academy from caressing the championship.

If these national order inquiries dominated the informational agenda, it is known that in the province there is a great anxiety for the launch of the candidates for governor, which is expected more than the Justin Bieber show. Mañana announces that there will be a Quorum for Martín Llaryora, behind whose postulation Juan Schiaretti intends to keep “everyone inside”, including the intendants, those who are denied the possibility of re-election and who will be able to pay and cover with cheddar cheese. frog to swallow better. Llaryora y ejerció as a candidate el jueves in a vecinalista act, where one of the aspirants to succeed him in el Palacio 6 de Julio, el vice-intendent Daniel Passerini, wanted to give samples that he suyo no es el guitarreo y se lució playing el trombón.

To add a quota of suspension to this initial chapter of electoral campaigns, Martín Gill reaffirmed his aspirations for 2023. If he met with municipal jefes of the Union department, although it is not known whether he will want to force interns in Cordoba, if he will In front of all, its objective is to make the Cordobé independent under the name of the Pluricereal State of Agrolandia. Despite the fact that Schiaretti refused to accept in his space anything that detracts from Kirchnerism, they maintain that Gill would be willing to use a Cordobesista perfume to join El Panal, he was like a bee that reigns or like a ministerial worker.

From the ranks of Juntos por el Cambio, Luis Juez issues friendly signs for radicalism, for Peronism and for quienes say that if necessary, he would be able to declare himself an admirer of the Club Atlético Belgrano, in order to win the heart of the barriada de Alberdi. And Rodrigo De Loredo prolongs the unknown about what the position is for which he is going to be nominated, a questioning in which there were houses of apuestas interested in taking notes. It is speculated that the national deputy would reveal the mystery before the World Cup in Qatar, but to decide if he proposes to keep the head cold, so they do not rule out that he repeats his habit of zambullirse dressed in a pileta.

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