La tapa del Diario PROFILE for this Saturday, October 29, 2022

la tapa del diario perfil de este sabado 29 de octubre de 2022 1444570

We also offer a review of the main titles of the 1767 edition of Diario PROFILE, this Saturday, October 29, 2022, in the accompanying number, as well as each weekend, 6 supplements that cover the most varied topics, both informative and of entertainment: El Observador, Espectáculos, Buenos Aires Times, Parabrisas, Marie Claire y jokermore Crucigram:

Agreement with the Paris Club gives a breath to an economy that continues under fire. Sergio Massa managed to refinance salaries for almost 2,000 million dollars. Now the challenge will be to negotiate better rates for external credits that will allow companies to reactivate exports and generate foreign currency. And the social movements march to extend the food emergency.

On the ground you prepay: other regulated sectors press for price increases.

Patricia Bullrich recharged. In the report by Jorge Fontevecchia, he says that he will go to the PASO aun if he makes it and defines a formula crossed with the UCR. In addition, the worst moment of his relationship with Larreta.

The reelection divides officialdom. Another intern between Alberto and La Cámpora, now for the primaries and a new postulación del Presidente.

‘Fake news’. Cerró the campaign in Brazil for the ballottage of morning, llena of violence and disinformation.

Covid. The first trial of the Argentine vaccine was successfully completed, which could be renewed in 2023.

There is an ACV in the country every 9 minutes.

Coldplay follow your successful maratón and anoche sumo a Jin from BTS.

Un Leo a quien le enchants to hacer reír. “I have hope in this country”, says Sbaraglia.

Goodbye to Jerry Lee Lewis, leyenda del rock.

Academy of Suffering. A psychological look to explain another failure of Racing. Hablo Gago.

Write in this edition:

Roberto García, Fara, Haime, Amico, Roncal Vattuone, Goldenberg, Ares, Argüello, Demattei, R.Rodríguez, Neilson, Soltys, Hopenhayn, Kohan, Giampaolo, Guebel, Link, Spregelburd, Seoane, Lopardo Chemen, Berchi, Domínguez, Parodi , Rigacci, Garabetyan, Genovese, Colombo, Froidevaux, Nieva, Galán, Raimon, Quintá, G.Martínez, Izaguirre, Kavanagh, Mozetic, Spillman, Ayerdi, Gallo and Fontevecchia.


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