La bronca de los fans de Coldplay con los “trapitos”

La fiebre for the recitals of Coldplay in Argentina, the debate on the “trappets” O care, that the Monumental Stadium area of River Platein Núñez, is full of people, in its majority men, that they charge thousands of pesos for parking on a public road. If bien hay quienes choose to go by taxi or colectivo, many automovilistas end up siendo rehenes de esa illegal practice what happens before the eyes of all.

Coldplay will give a toast to the recitals during your stay in the country and this October 28th will be the third. But the algarabía of the followers in social networks were summed up want for the highest price that you have to pay for whichever car or van to enjoy the show and want to park on the public road. But the problem of caregiving is not new for those who transit through the City of Buenos Aires and why there is an implicit rule: pay or no parking.

How much they charge the trapitos in the Monumental zone

“How much?” The question is repeated between whoever arrives with the intention of leaving your vehicle on the avenues Figueroa Alcorta, Udaondo, Monroe, Quinteros or Victorino de la Plazajust for naming some close by Stadium. The answer to the care can vary depending on the arrival time, the number of cars parked in the square or in some cases by the car model you want to do.

Coldplay in Argentina: the details of the sustainable tour of the British band

The prices vary, but always within a lot of four figures. In the social networks, in particular in Twitter, in the last of the days the publications of quienes were intensified because the care had been charged between 5 thousand and 9 thousand pesos for dejar el auto parked during the recital.

Memes by care
A “meme” of the trapitos in the Coldplay shows.

“Someone in your court thinks that the plate that they charge the trapitos to see Coldplay (5 to 6 luquitas), if they keep the trapitos? “6 thousand pesos charge the trapitos to ‘take care’ of the cars en Coldplay”, sumo @Ro_Castelluccio. Nor were the traditional “memes” missing to put humor in a situation that is dramatic for many motorists.

CABA ya labró 81 misdemeanors

The problem of the trapitos leads to years in public discussion and has been one of the concerns of the managements of the City of Buenos Aires that had Mauricio Macri and also the current head of Gobierno Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. Without embargo, the inconvenience continues without solving, if you change numerous economic sums and the business, follow the separate section of the ley.

In any case, from the Porteño Government, the PROFILE was signed that police personnel and the Government Control Agency carry out controls in the vicinity of the River stadium. From eso, it was reported that during the recitals more than 200 misdemeanor acts were carried out 81 fueron to care. “There will be no detentions”, they clarified.

All these performances are in the hands of the Justice and the accounts, according to the official sources, with the endorsement by Norberto Broto, holder of the North Fiscal Unit.

Coldplay Operative in the City of Buenos Aires: all the cuts and traffic lights

On the other hand, they indicated that the drivers who feel scared or want to denounce the presence of the caretakers Have a Mobile Unit for Denuncias de la Policía de la Ciudad available located on the corner of Udaondo and Figueroa Alcorta avenues. Since the Ministerio de Justicia y Seguridad porteño has also recommended calling 911 before any emergency linked to these other potential crimes.

All actions are framed in the new Contraventional Code and Procedures approved in 2018 in the City of Buenos Aires, which stiffened penalties and allowed, according to the Buenos Aires Government, a mayor to act against the illegal activity of the “trapitos”.

“This is a joint work (between the Police and different control bodies) to combat a problem that affects all the streets of the city, considering that the Public Space is for everyone. it must not be usufructuated, it must not be part of any business“, supports the argumentation of the normative that is limited to all the operatives of massive events such as football matches or recitals.

But despite this work, the problem continues and it does not seem to be close to having a definitive solution, because more than that there is the possibility of making the complaint, in many cases, drivers prefer not to have it exposed before the executives of illegal business

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According to an NGO, the caretakers will repay $300 million

In the last few hours, a report by the NGO Let us Defend Buenos Aires was published, which calculated it average withdrawal of the cares in the 10 recitals that will give the English band in Argentina. According to the calculation of the head of the NGO, Javier Miglino, specialist lawyer in Security, move around 30 million pesos per close.

Memes by care
The “memes” on Twitter by the high recaudación of the caretakers.

So I explained it in statements to People’s Diary: “It is important to clarify that 20,000 cars and 10,000 cars reach the River and 10,000 are absorbed by the parking lots in the pero zone 10,000 who are helpless and ready to be plundered by the mafia de los trapitos“.

And it developed: “Taking the account that they started with $1,000 and reached $6,000, there was the last hour before the recital, we can perfectly make an average of $3,000 per car. In 10 thousand vehicles are $30 million and in 10 recitals, 300 million pesos“.

Miglino has been working for some time on statistical investigations related to what he calls the “mafia” of the trapitos and also in phenomena such as “quemacoches” that every so often act in the capital of the country.

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