Kim Jong Un presented his daughter in a missile test

El North Korean leader Kim Jong Un took advantage of the launch of a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) to appear for the first time next to his son, according to the images that the state agency KCNA showed on Saturday.

KCNA says Kim attended the launch “together with his beloved daughter and wife” in what constitutes the first reference in state media to his children. However, State media do not inform on the name or name or age of the girlfor what possibly have not been informed.

Kim Jong Un presented his daughter in a missile test

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Kim -who is the son of the founder of North Korea, Kim Il Sung, and the third generation that is in power- married his wife Ri Sol Ju, in 2009, according to the intelligence agency of South Korea🇧🇷

The next year, his firstborn and his following children were born in 2013 and 2017, according to the agency, but the North Korean national media never mentioned them.

The only prior confirmation of the existence of Kim’s sons from a former NBA star Dennis Rodman, who visited North Korea in 2013 and claimed to have met Kim’s daughter Ju Ae. The North Korean leader was “a good father“, says Rodman at that moment.

Kim Jong Un presented his daughter in a missile test

The norkorean “princess”

It is believed that the girl who appears in the photos is Ju Ae, who is probably Kim’s second daughter, named Cheong Seong-chang from the Centro de Estudios sobre Corea del Norte at the Instituto Sejong en Corea del Sur.

It is clear that the presentation of the young woman is considered a show of Kim Jong Un’s dynastic vision. “We have seen with our own eyes the fourth generation of the Kim family”says CIA analyst Soo Kim, who now works for the study center Rand Corporation🇧🇷

Now that her identity has been revealed, it is likely that she can participate in state affairs, says Cheong Seong-chang, and added that her appearance with her priest could even indicate that she was his anointed successor.

Kim Jong Un presented his daughter in a missile test

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Kim Jong Un’s own priest, Kim Jong Il, selected him to be his successor over his elder sons because he looked more like him, says Cheong.

“Kim Jong Un might want to do the same with this particular daughter. Maybe he has the qualities that Kim believes are very similar to his girls”I said, and added that if he continues to accompany his priest to important events, it would be an indication of this case.

Presenting Kim’s daughter to the world at this moment could be a message to the world that the regime of North Korea is no longer going to disappearsays the analyst soo kim🇧🇷

Kim Jong Un presented his daughter in a missile test

“In a sense, it is a symbolic image of Kim passing the scepter of the government to the next generation”, he says, which sends “a message to the international community to accept and prepare for the fourth iteration of terror and belligerence in Korea del Norte”.

She says that the photos also suggest “a degree of closeness and comfort between Kim and her daughter”, which could indicate that she is being prepared for future leadership.

“The third time is not won when it comes to dealing with the Kim family”, says Soo Kim, and added that the world needs to “think about dealing with the fourth generation” of the regime.

The photographs could also be part of a carefully staged attempt by Pyongyang to show that Kim is a “normal” leader, he said. North Korean expert Ahn Chan-il.

Kim Jong Un presented his daughter in a missile test

“Pyongyang seems to be trying to qualify itself as a ‘normal’ nation, while carrying out these launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles that demonstrate his military prowess, while showing images of Kim as an apparently loving priest”, says Ahn.

And added: “It is also a gesture of stabilization of the regime by declaring to the outside world that now it is directed to its succession of fourth generation and that is well prepared for it”🇧🇷

Including his wife in the public appearance and “especially his daughter ‘softens’ the image, at least for the national audience”, he wrote on Twitter North Korea expert John Delury🇧🇷 “This is not a bellicose or narcissistic Little Rocket Man. It is a good papa, who protects his family, as he protects the Nation”, he added.

Kim Jong Un presented his daughter in a missile test

Other analysts said that the moment and location of the daughter’s presentation to the world, in the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile, were disturbing. It’s the “most disorderly day to bring your son to work”, says the security expert with headquarters in the USA Ankit Panda on Twitter.

In declaring that he would face the perceived US nuclear threats with his own nuclear weapons, Kim supervised the launch of the white and black missile, which the KCNA said it was the Hwasong-17, nicknamed “monstrous missile” by analysts🇧🇷

As with all tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles in North Korea, the missile was fired on an elevated tray, towards the top, not towards the outside, to avoid flying over Japan.


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