Jerry Lee Lewis, one of the pioneers of rock and roll, dies

Considered one of the pioneers of rock and rollsinger and pianist Jerry Lee Lewis died this Friday, 28, at the age of 87. According to the American magazine Varietythe musician died of natural causes, peacefully, at his home in Mississippi, USA.

Nicknamed “The Killer”, Jerry was one of the first musicians to be honored in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986, alongside great artists such as Chuck Berry, James Brown and Elvis Presley. Throughout his career, the artist recorded more than 40 albums.

Among his best-known songs, which were essential in shaping the early sound of the genre, are Great Balls of Fire and Whole Lotta Shaking‘Goin’Ontracks that were present in the scenes of top gun (1986), and later Top Gun: Maverick (2022).

Jerry Lee Lewis’ death was confirmed by Zach Farnum, the singer’s agent. According to an official statement, the musician died peacefully, accompanied by his seventh wife, Judith Brown. “He told her, in his final days, that he would welcome her in the afterlife, and that he was not afraid,” he reported.

Jerry Lee’s life was told in the movie Great Balls of Fire, 1989, with Dennis Quaid in the lead role. The film centers on his controversial marriage to cousin Myra Gale Brown, who was 13 years old at the time. It also shows his unique and incendiary style of playing the piano, on one foot, hammering the keyboard with the other.

In addition to being consecrated as one of the icons responsible for the birth of rock and roll, Jerry Lee Lewis mixed styles with blues, gospel, country, pop and R&B. “His raw and vibrant performances on stage threatened young Elvis Presley to the point of making him cry,” the statement said.

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