Israelis choose if they want the return of a Bibi Recargado

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Before writing this column, I spoke with professor Jonathan Rynhold, from the Universidad Bar-Ilan. I would like to know his opinion on the selections of this upcoming Mars in Israel, what elements can decide the vote, which are the issues that most concern Israel. I also wanted to know how the candidates who want to become the next prime minister are seen. One of the questions had to do with Benjamin Netanyahu, the figure who has dominated the national political scene in recent decades.

As Israel comes to “enjoy a rest” from Netanyahu since June 2021, when the variopinta coalition headed by Yair Lapid from the centroizquierda and Naftali Bennett from the centroderecha desplazó to Bibi del Poder, thinks that Rynhold, who is a researcher at the prestigious think tank Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, let me start by sharing some reservations and new subtleties about these choices, las quintas en los cuatro años.

But it surprised me. When I asked if everything kept going around Netanyahu he answered me without hesitation: “the answer is yes”, the Israelis continued to vote for or against Bibi.

Rynhold had previously interviewed him on the occasion of the Israeli elections in April 2019. The article was published as “Elecciones en Israel: Netanyahu wants to continue extending his record, but a journalist and a former military chief challenge him”.

The title could be used again in these days, since the main rivals of Bibi are (to be) the journalist Lapid (a former television presenter and occasional actor) and Benny Gantz, former jefe of the Defense Forces of Israel and current minister of Defense.

Netanyahu ended up emerging as the winner in those rallies, for which Gantz and Lapid had presented together in the Kajol Lavan coalition (Azul y Blanco). Much water passed under the Israeli ports: Lapid returned to his Yesh Atid and the past year, together with Bennett, an unusual architecture that included Gantz, parties of izquierda and Islamic Arab alliances that managed to make it unthinkable, remove Bibi, even though it was a few months.

But, apparently, everything changes: Mars will have to be seen if the return of a Bibi Recargado, energized in the best possible way, with the support of the disturbing characters of Israeli extremist nationalism, Itamar Ben Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich.

The Times of Israel portal wanted to make clear what this possible arrival to the government, with ministries and all, of Gvir, a former youth leader of the ultra-orthodox anti-Arab Kach party is about (prohibited by the government in 1994 on the basis of anti-terrorism laws) and Smotrich, known for his positions against homosexuals and in favor of Jewish settlements in the Palestinian territories of the West Bank (Judea and Samaria, second from where to look).

The policies of Ben Gvir, said the Israeli diary in English, “reaches extremes that even the extreme right of Europe does not touch”. He also pointed out that “with the rise of Ben Gvir and Smotrich, Israel runs the risk of a catastrophic fall into extremism”. He completed quoting Lapid: “The government of Netanyahu-Smotrich-Ben Gvir will be the ‘end of democracy’” in the country.

When the votes of the martes are counted, they will return to dancing the dance of the acuerdos, having in mind that whoever gathers the support of at least 61 of the 120 benches of the Knesset, will be able to aspire to form a government.

If the Israeli society is divided into segments from the right to the right, as any other country, the political world, recalls Rynhold, is divided in the middle for a single reason: those who would form part of a government Netanyahu and those who would never harían (the lo volverían to be done, like Lapid, Gantz and Bennett, who were ministers of Bibi).

Some right-leaders, add the professor from Bar-Ilan, including some from Likud, also want to return to being under the command of Netanyahu, and this will add drama to the game of alliances.

But it also opens the gates to a desperate Bibi who, cornered by possible results of the martes and the processes for corruption in his own right, decides that he has no more remedy that leans on Ben Gvir and Smotrich.

A cabinet of Bibi with the characters “can cause damage to the Israeli society”, to its institutions, to the relationship between Arabs and Jews and the position of the country at the international level, especially with their new friends in the region, complete Jonathan.

As a sample, the local press revealed that, during a recent visit to Israel, the canciller of the United Arab Emirates warned Netanyahu, precisely one of the engineers of the Acuerdos de Abraham, that a society with racist politicians will damage the valued peace process.

*Former correspondent in Washington and Israel.

Write about United States, Middle East and trends topics.

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