Is it a priority for children? Is this refleja en el Presupuesto 2023?

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This week, the discussion of the Presupuesto 2023 in the Chamber of Deputies was news in all the media and will continue to be discussed because it will continue in the Senate. That the subject of the Presupuesto appear in the public agenda and if it is a reason for discussion and exchange in the citizenry, regardless of the degree of knowledge and depth, is something very positive, because it means that we are all involved in what will happen in the different areas and their impact in our future. As we know, policies are evaluated on priority, interest and real application through their presence in the Presupuesto. The policy announcements, without presupposed insufficient expression, are demagoguery. For this reason, when you want to evaluate a government, there is nothing better than analyzing the Presupuesto, because that is where the unequivocal expression of its interests can be found.

So let’s see what Presupuesto sent the PEN to the Congress and what those numbers imply. It is evident that there are still some indications that were planted with the adjustment made by the Minister of Economy when he took over. And if they were good in some measure, these clippings were based on the low execution of some matches, they showed us where they sold the clippings and changes. Y así fue; The Presupuesto 2023 has important changes in the children’s area and gender policies. As a child, it decreased by 10%. If the components are considered, the Universal Assignment by Hijo –AUH– which is the most important, registers a decrease of 12%. The minor assignment is accompanied by the reduction of the targets or the people to cover some programs such as the food, which reduced its assignment. This program complements the AUH, but only up to 14 years old, those from 15 to 17 are excluded, something that must be corrected since adolescence is a critical period of childhood. In a country where 51% of children are under the poverty and indigence line, supporting families with children and children with low income is fundamental. According to the Observatorio de la deuda de la UCA, food insecurity increases and now rises to 30%. The figures show that 1,700,000 poor children spend without food support. For this reason, it calls for attention, a bell that worries about the decrease in allocation to the food plan because the deficit is not going to increase. Food insecurity is expressed in the number of homes where there is only daily food. We do not see that the legislatures are putting it in the presupposition discussion, if they are also in some Commissions they are signaling it, but in the Presupuesto the voices focus on other themes. This is unfortunate, because we know the importance of adequate and sufficient nutrition for children, which is a basic requirement for future intellectual and physical development. If we reduce food support, we are saying that we are not interested in the future of our human capital, while we continue to say that children are our priority. We can discuss how to do this support, but what should be done. There are also clippings in the educational area destined for children, something inadmissible due to the situation resulting from the pandemic, there tampoco is prioritized.

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In synthesis, it disminuye the Presupuesto asignado a la niñez. If you call them as Unicef, they recall the Convention for the rights of children, children and adolescents and mark that the funds for childhood are intangible. Our country has ratified this convention and approved Law 26,061, which assumes the greatest part of the commitments set out in the convention, except for the criminal regime. This assumption fails to fulfill this commitment, 13.8% of the assumption in 2020 assigned to the child, down to 9.8% in 2023. The child is not a priority, and they must assume our governors.

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