Ferraresi considered the Kirchnerism plan to be “inviable” to eliminate the PASO

Shortly after the holder of the AFI, Agustin Rossiit will be shown, like Alberto Fernández, against the Kirchnerist plan of “exterminación de las PASO”was the outstanding minister of Territorial Development and HabitatJorge Ferraresi, he sumó his vision to the “pasista” path. For him, it’s about “a senseless debate”.

Ferraresi discouraged the discussion for the elimination of the PASO facing the 2023 elections, stating that officialism does not have “sufficient votes to change the Electoral Law”.

“It’s a discussion without meaning, because the steps have to be modified with a law and the first one that we have to see if we have the number to change it. As apparently the numbers to change the law don’t have them, Let’s not discuss something else that can’t be put on the reality“, emphasized Ferraresi.

Jorge Ferrasi

It was for the purpose of participating in the opening of the 17th Expo Avellaneda Productiva that the Peronist leader needed: “We have to work on real things”.

“When I come to the Ministry and I come to politics, I want to start clarifying and ordering this type of thing. It doesn’t make sense that we pongamos in a discussion about something that is unfeasible“, manifested in statements to the press.
In addition, the former minister stated: “In the Chamber of Deputies, there are not enough votes to change the Electoral Law. Therefore, it is a debate that we do not have to start giving because in reality it is impossible to change it. It seems to me a charla that makes no sense“.

“We have to build, tend to the bridges and wake up in what way we are going to go to the primary schools and how we are going to position each one in this election. that we lack”, he pointed out.

Agustín Rossi spoke from the albertist side: “Suspending the PASO would be a political error of the Frente de Todos”

How much the a possible candidacy of vice-president Cristina Kirchner for the executive, Ferraresi highlighted: “In politics, I don’t do what you want, I mean what your political spaces and what people want”.

“Cristina is the most important leader and ideologically superior to the rest of mortal human beings that we are in this Argentina. Therefore, it has an impressive incidence”, he added.

We asked too much of Cristina, we ask for much, and it’s not free what le pasó hace poquito tiempo. Hay who ponerse in her place, in her body, in the situation of all unbearable persecution”, he concluded.


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