Environmentalists vandalize three more works of art

Environmentalists carried out three attacks on works of art on Friday the 18th, following a series started months ago by a group called Last Generation, to protest climate change. Actions took place in Milan, Paris and Oslo, the capital of Norway.

The first of the group’s three actions was to flour a car painted by Andy Warhol, on display at an exhibition in Milan, Italy. Activists threw about eight kilos of flour over the vehicle. Some, stuck to car windows. “There will be no more food or water, there is an ecological collapse underway!” shouted one of them before he could be controlled by the guards in the room.

Several were dragged away from the scene, as can be seen in the video that went viral on social media.

Hours later, in Paris, another group of young militants from the same movement painted orange a sculpture by Charles Ray, Horse and Rider, located in the public space of the Paris Stock Exchange, which houses the collection of billionaire François Pinault.

The third act of vandalism on Friday was in the Norwegian capital: sculptures from the vigeland in Oslo were attacked, also with orange paint.

The list of attacks by environmentalists is extensive, including works by Klimt🇧🇷 money🇧🇷 van gogh🇧🇷 goya🇧🇷

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