Encópula, a space for interaction between law and art

The artist and lawyer Giorgia Alliata presents cupolaa space that was elected and intervened to activate the dialogue between the concept of justice which on the ground is related to the world of right and art, as well as to every individual.

The dome is located in a historic building built by the brothers Bencich in 1927, located in the corner of Esmeralda and Cordoba streetsCABA, whose electrical architecture its damp walls in decay encouraged the artist to carry out the work directly on the wall, using photosensitive and household chemicals and pigments in tones of blue and gold.

Encupula 20221029
The corner of Esmeralda and Cordoba.

The proposal is designed to address a varied audience, but with a defined period and geography, which is capable of changing according to their needs. In this sense, Encúpula is not a gallery or an inauguration; on the contrary, is an experiment that aims to contextualize certain themes and postulate answers through reflection.

At the same time, it tries to place in a space and a specific moment in which they can participate in it, through different sensitivities that can be generated.

The artist about the Encupula space

“El proyecto nació from mi thesis de abogacía, with the aim of experimenting the feasibility of this link as a tool to make the public aware of the subjectivity that exists in our perceptions and, therefore, in our conceptions of justice”, explains Alliata.

In this sense, the lawyer and the artist emphasizes that, while the answers are given in an instantaneous way, “it is worth remembering the difficulty of obtaining them about what is fair and what is unfair, about what is the suyo of each quien”.

For this reason, he considers that “the concept of justice exceeds the so-called protagonists of justice, the world of lawyers, judges and academics” and has a much broader meaning, since “it involves every persona that is part of its meaning”.

Pop art is also power and money

“Without correlations of thought, coexistence is not possible, unless different subjective perceptions persist. That the meaning be relative does not impede the dialogue, but it is better to propose and this exchange is necessarily the prelude to any agreement”, plants Alliata.

For the lawyer and artist, the art “about looking at these questions with details and condense a high level of heterogeneous empathyespecially when there are conceptual labyrinths such as the justice system” and concludes: “Encúpula invites us to start to dismantle it, having in mind its inherent component of alea”.


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