Eduardo Valdés on Alberto Fernández’s reelection: “I gave a title to climb to the ring and now it can’t go down”

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A little more than a year of the end of the government of Alberto Fernandezthe official block of the Frente de Todos comienza to pergeñar el armada electoral facing 2023, today with more doubts than certainties.

The President himself confirmed in different interviews his intention to go for reelection In spite of the divisions that generate this decision in the sine of the party, there are accounts with guarantees and discrepancies.

In this context of political uncertainty, the national diputado del FdT Eduardo Valdesa leader close to the president, considered Fernández’s decision to confirm his intentions of re-election with 14 months ahead of him until the end of his term of office too quick.

Strong, sostuvo: “Dio a title to climb to the ring and now you can’t go down“. At the same time, he indicated that this is the moment to give the discussion of the reelection when other cousins ​​referred to the citizenry are priman in the agenda of the National Executive.

The Argentine exembajador in the Vatican during the presidency of Cristina Kirchner señaló that “what hay que hacer es gestionar, gestionar y gestionar (sic), bajar la inflationimprove the purchasing power of the wage and receiving from there, launch candidatures in April or May of the year that Viene”.

Striking and downloading a line into the official coalition, launched: “It gives me the vergüenza hablar of candidacies now”. Valdés assures us that this possibility “I was in trouble” of which “you can’t let go“. Asimismo, defended other eventual candidacies that could be given as the vice-president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and the Minister of Economy Sergio Massa. For the “right tie” to aspire to the sillón of Rivadavia.

Elimination of the PASO

In that same interview with C5N, Eduardo Valdés referred to a topic that in the last few hours he brought up in the nucleus “Frentetodista“: the elimination of the PASO.

The deputy considers that the primary, open, simultaneous and obligatory selections should not be eliminated, but the period between their realization and the general election should be shortened.

Instead of modifying the PASO, we should make it 20 days before the generalbecause this thing from August to October is an enormity”, said Valdés.

The project to withdraw las PASO lo propuso el diputado Luis Di Giacomo, from the block Juntos Somos Río Negro, which usually follows the votes of officialdom. The initiative entered the Chamber after the approval of the presupposition 2023. Since Juntos por el Cambio, they consider that this is a strategy of the Frente de Todos to harm them, and the opposing block would see with good eyes to resolve their internal situation.

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