Eduardo Valdés: “Hasta now Alberto is candidate for 2023”

The former Buenos Aires legislator Eduardo ValdesI ensured that I was satisfied with the approval of the Assumption 2023 and stated that he would bet on “un factor sorpresa” in the candidatures “as in May of 2019 with Alberto Fernandez“. Asimismo, opined that they would not postpone the candidacies for fear of a disunion on the Frente de Todos: “I work so that these differences do not exist in our space”, he manifested in Fontevecchia modeby Net TV and Radio Profile (FM 101.9).

Does everything go better with Cristina Kirchner?

I’m happy with the fact that it has been approved presupposition, setting aside all the hypotheses of fractures. Generamos la action: there is political conduct and good action by the officials who work in this project. And so we achieved the goals, which is what we wanted for him front of all. After this is the theme of the candidacies.

Ayer, in an interesting report on C5N said that “it was a mistake to climb to the ring and that you can’t go down” Alberto Fernández. In this way, do you understand that in reality the President did not want to be a candidate, unless it was planned that there was a candidate in the sector that he represents?

No, whatever you want to decide is what I think is right to be candidatebut at this time we should be working to lower it inflation and improve their purchasing power salaryand receive the year that comes to plant the candidacies.

Once more, the cuerda is tense between Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner

Now well, the President will say that he wants to be a candidate and, if he goes down now to do what he mentioned, it would seem that it is for another reason. It has risen to a situation where it is difficult to get down.

Alberto Fernández said that he should compete in the PASO for the year, but now it has greater repercussions, giving it another meaning.

That’s why you can’t go down as a candidate anymore.

Then you love yourself as a candidate in the PASO.

now Alberto Fernández is candidate for 2023. When one does not put on the electoral contest adelante, governing, an important issue is drawn to be the center of everything. This is how it works more comfortably in the goals of the Government.

Cristina and Alberto Fernández saluting a crowd in Plaza de Mayo in 2019
Cristina Kirchner and Alberto Fernández saluting a crowd in Plaza de Mayo

But has it been so long?

In Argentina, yes. From acá to junio cierran las lists.

Máximo Kirchner was someone else who declared, suggesting that his mother at iba to be a candidate. Including the papers deuda climbed the next day.

Yes, but that’s the only question the journalist asks, he doesn’t say Maximum. I would like the surprise factor in themcandidacies, as in May del 2019 with Alberto Fernandez.

Are you afraid that these are the ones that say ahead of a competition that disunites the Front of All?

Yes, and that we lost the primary objective, that is the management that we are taking ahead.

An allied block of the officialdom presented a project to eliminate the PASO

That there are rising of the Argentine bonos indicates a fear of the markets for a new candidacy of Cristina. And if Alberto Fernández have this aspiration, it seems that you believe what something is going to improve there economy argentina, teniendo en account that handles more information than the rest.

the approval of presupposition also influenced.

This was before, anyway.

What does one have to ask is one who wants to be a candidate? And I understand that the ultimate strength is front of all. And when I see that the news is sold off where people talk bad about the Front, there are things that are not. I work so that these differences do not exist in the Frente de Todos,ya that the unit is the strength of this space. Lo mismo must pass in Juntos por el Cambio: divided in the electoral option.


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