Deputy official defended Alberto Fernández but asked “Massa-Manzur” for 2023

The national representative of Front of AllCarlos Cisneros I left in defense of the president Alberto Fernandez al complain to La Cámpora that has onemoral authority” it’s time to make your criticisms. However, consulted by a possible formula for the 2023 elections not included in the mandate and I proposed to Sergio Massa y Juan Manzur🇧🇷

“I feel bad that you criticize the President when you are inside the Government”, started saying the tucumano leader about the repeated criticisms of the group he leads Maximo Kirchner, your bench companion. “That kind of contradictions hurt us all and he does wrong there Front of All“, added.

Alberto Fernández studied at Sanatorio Otamendi and returned to Olivos

“We all have the right to criticize and if we do so publicly, we also🇧🇷 But we have to have an act, a gesture, moral authority, not enjoying positions within the structure managed by Alberto Fernández”, I support the legislator in statements on the program Actualidad Política TV, which is broadcast by METRO channel🇧🇷

“I have another logic, as a Peronist and as a man formed within the labor movement: las cosas se hablan donde se tienen que hablar and things are said without trying to weaken the one who leads”, he remarcó. In this sense, he considered that a sector of the governing coalition “the only one that he is ruin the image of the President🇧🇷

Sergio Massa and Juan Manzur 20221120
The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, and the Cabinet Chief, Juan Manzur.

Luego, put the example of Facundo Moyanoreferring to the Single Union of Workers of Peajes y Afines, who resigned from his bank due to the differences with the political alliance. “Have you resigned from your bank? Yes, I am in charge of an organism or my organization manages a public organism ynI am in agreement with the president. I deliver to the key of the public body🇧🇷 Me paso a la vereda de enfrente y lo criticio”, he says.

“You have to try to pacify internally. When an official has to pay costs. And I believe that goes through all the political force, I think we have to reassure everyone a little“, opinó el also referring to The Banking🇧🇷

“Massa-Manzur” or “Manzur-Massa” for 2023

In another part of the interview, Cisneros showed himself in favor of the administration that leads ahead Sergio Massa in front of the Ministry of Economy. “I believe that he is a person who achieved it in a short time and who, in reality, has equipment for everything. If he was a Minister of Work, he had equipment”. And he Añadió: “Account in your teams with Marcos and Roberto Lavagna, (Juan) From Mendigurenyou have people”.

“A Massa lo veo bien. It’s trying to put on rhythm al quietism that was put by the pandemic🇧🇷 the war (between Russia and Ukraine) and for all the rest. And in addition, I also believe that we have to take charge of that there are things that we have done badly “, she launched.

On the other hand, the official leader referred to the electoral scenario facing 2023 and postulated the former holder of the Chamber of Deputies and the current Cabinet Chief, Juan Manzur🇧🇷 “My candidate is Manzur. I believe that he also has a team, he has relationships, he has ties”, he manifested.

“You have to look for a synthesis. Let the formula be Massa-Manzur or Manzur-Massa, that it is a synthesis of what the governors need and request, the labor movement, the business community, the links with international organizations”, he said.

“I believe that two can be good candidates, but it’s a good formula: MM🇧🇷 After that it will be decided. That’s why I’m convinced that you have to have peace or what has to be internal. This revalues ​​you and avoids the imposition of the finger, because it has already been shown to us in recent years that imposing a candidate in this way is not the best“, cerro.

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