Cornejo: “Lousteau has increased chances of being jefe de Gobierno”

The president of the interblock of Juntos por el Cambio in the Senate, Alfredo Cornejo, supported Martín Lousteau in your postulation in the City of Buenos Aires and he affirmed that “you have ample chances” of being jefe de Gobierno.

Remembering the triumph of Raúl Alfonsín, the 39th anniversary of which took place this Saturday, Mendocino assured that in the last four decades Argentina has gained freedom from the State of Decree and warned that “the democratic balance in the economic, social y en la redistribución del ingreso”, aunque “no se le puede assigne eso a la democracy”.

Alfredo Cornejo: “La Argentina definitely works without rumbo”

In that sense, responsible for “the bad government, in particular, of the last times” and pointed against officialdom.

“Of the last 20 years, kirchnerism has ruled 16 years and has been in charge of the country’s problems for four years that have not ruled”, he indicated in dialogue with NA.

The former governor of Mendoza also highlighted the figure of former president Raúl Alfonsínwhose triumph took place this Saturday 39 years, and stated that it is about “an patrimony of Argentina and an antithesis of what is kirchnerismo and el populismo”.

Martín Lousteau 20211001
Cornejo manifesto: “I believe that it has increased chances of being him within our coalition”.

“Es decir, an antithesis of the anti-republican form that represents officialism”, added.

On the other hand, when referring to the intentions of his colleague Martín Lousteau to compete for the Headquarters of the Gobierno de la Ciudad, Cornejo expressed: “I believe that he has greater chances of being within our coalition. of being elected and being defeated by little difference”.

Asked about the words of the holder of the PROPatricia Bullrich, who accused Horacio Rodríguez Larreta of wanting to “deliver” the City With radicalism in order to win adhesions to his presidential candidacy, the cordillerano tried to calm the waters: “We are a coalition and we all have a part, inside the coalition everything and outside of the coalition nothing”.

The UCR held an act to show its unity and convening, without Manes and Larreta

Finally, the national senator says that the UCR has a more central role in the electoral process in 2015 and 2019. “We are stronger and better organised”, he assured.

However, he regretted that “no societal affectio has been achieved in the radicalism to have a single candidate to empower” and clarified that “it is now time to deepen” on the presidential candidacy ofl jujeño Gerardo Morales.

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