Cayó ‘Dumbo’, the narco that was a fugitive and had a tomb with his name to throw off

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“Dumbo” was not established in Buenos Aires. There was more than a year that Raúl Maylli Rivera (41) weighed a national and international arrest order and that he was accused of being the leader of a narco band that operated in the Barrio Padre Mugica, in the City of Buenos Aires. In the afternoon of ayer they caught him thousands of kilometers from Argentina: he was in Peru. He had not changed his appearance so as not to be recognized, but had installed a tomb with his name to simulate his death and mislead the investigators. He did not succeed. The key to reach it was the follow up to one of its sides.

Maylli Rivera is Peruvian, 41 years old and sought after since May 20, 2021. The Ministry of National Security had offered a reward of 5 million pesos to locate him. But he was finally caught in his native land. As the most sought after drug in the country, he was married to a staff member of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) and his Peruvian couple in Parque San Silvestre, in the San Juan de Lurigancho district, in Lima.

To reach the key to the “follow-up of people of their trust” who traveled from Argentina to Uruguay and arrived in Peru, police sources were informed.

This person was identified as “El Oso” and during his tour he was accompanied, without knowing, by personnel who camouflaged themselves in the plane from Ezeiza to Lima, detailed by Télam.

When they arrived at their final destination, they confirmed that “El Oso” was going to meet with “Dumbo”, who had spent 17 months on the run, in a restaurant. He waited and when the “most sought after drug” came out on the street, he was detained.

In this procedure, the National Court intervened in Criminal and Federal Correctional No. 11, in charge of Julián Daniel Ercolini and in the Republic of Peru, in the Anti-Drug Tax Department No. 1 in Callao, in charge of Ronald Luis Achahui Córdova.

Back the steps. During all these months, multiple meetings had been carried out in various areas, but mainly in the Barrio Padre Mugica in Villa Lugano, and different members of this organization were joined. But the “pez gordo” manages to escape and continue in the clandestinidad.

Until the band members had planted crucial information to mislead investigators. They decided that “Dumbo” had died. An act of death was presented and until “there is a tomb with the name of Maylli Rivera in the Cementerio San José de Flores”, in the City of Buenos Aires, police sources were informed. But “Dumbo” enjoyed good health.

The last few months were claves, to be able to locate him. “The federal effectives established that different people continued the activities of commercialization of the drug menu in Barrio Múgica, which were led from the clandestinity by the searcher”, informed the sources.

At the same time, there was a group that wanted to “independent” in the narcotics sale, while others “followed faithfully” to “Dumbo”. This kind of “violent conflicts” between both factions. In this context, the researchers had the information that one of them had the intention of taking a grenade against a building in the neighborhood. It was Nicolás Silva Ames, alias “Tío Ricky”. What derives from the detention of this person and his partner, the niece of “Dumbo”.

In light of this series of arrests that took place this week, the researchers obtained the data that “El Oso” was going to travel to Peru. So I lead them to the goal.

Profile. The name of “Dumbo” came out in the middle of May of 2021, when balance sheets were registered starring bands dedicated to narcomenudeo in the Barrio Padre Mugica, which resulted in a security claim by the vecinos and multiple police procedures where they managed to break up part of the criminal organization.

So was the federal judge Ercolini ordered his capture to be considered as the “chief of an organization aimed mainly at the distribution and commercialization of narcotic substances, with territorial domain in a sector of the Padre Mugica Barrio in the central sector of the adjacent Bermejo settlement of the Villa district Lugano and in the villa 1-11-14”.

Since his name broke with the barrier of anonymity, several of his sides ended up after the rules. The first big police report against the band dejó evidences the coverage with the account: when the portuguese judge Natalia Ohman gave the order of allanar 44 domiciles, in May of the past year, the main objectives had already been vacated. “Dumbo” and his people fled and managed to escape.

A month later, five effectives from the PFA returned to Barrio Padre Mugica. In this case, the procedures were arranged by judge Ercolini.

The magistrate ordered 39 plans, many of them in the so-called Platea 11 and in the fourth sector of the Barrio Bermejo border. They sought 17 people, but only six members of the organization were arrested, while the most sought-after man managed to escape without major difficulties.

Maylli Rivera disappeared from the map, while his closest men began to fall. The 26th of May of the last year was arrested Arturo Andia Ormeño (32), alias “Sonrisas”, his right hand man. He was arrested in a house on Avenida Perito Moreno at 300, at villa 1-11-14, and since then he has remained in detention.

Four months later, Julio Antonio Dávila Ríos was arrested, known under the nickname “Gorgori”. According to the sources, Dávila was another one of the main leaders of “Dumbo” and at the time of his detention he was quien occupiedba “the highest hierarchy of the criminal group”.

Now the leader falls.

a silent work

Security Minister Aníbal Fernández highlighted at a press conference the “silent” work carried out by the Federal Police (PFA) in the detention of drug leader Raúl Martín Maylli Rivera, known as “Dumbo”, in Lima, Peru. In addition, he highlighted the importance of collaborative work with police forces in other countries.

“It’s very difficult so long to have a closed mouth, it’s not natural, you don’t have to see with the human condition. Everyone seemed to have this deep inclination to count when something so delicate is being worked on. Rescato el professionalism de nuestra gente de la Superintendencia de Drogas Peligrosas. There is a superhuman effort, with a silent, quiet work, closed mouth and walking”, expressed the holder of the security portfolio before the media.

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