A Brazil divided like never before chooses today among the candidates that plant opposing countries

There is a time for truth in Brazil, where men face each other with absolutely opposing life stories, ideologies, conducts and political tradition, as the country models they define.

The polarization is so extreme, that its president Jair Bolsonaro had reason when he summed up the spirit of this election that faces Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva as a fight “between good and bad”. The graphic phrase is the absence of matices, of middle terms, of grays, in an absolute dispute in which there is no possibility of negotiation or agreement. He is not sure that the current representative accepts the results of the polls if the numbers are not favorable.

The last section of the campaign, punctuated by insults a day and another among the candidates, included a debate staged as a fight for the Globo cadena, in which the corporal language of the candidates displayed violence as explicit as the epithets of “pedophile”, “dictadorzuelo”, “thief” or “corrupt” who have been thrown together during the last few weeks.

Lula is imposed in the first vuelta with 48% of the votes, in front of Bolsonaro’s 43%.

To this is added the incognita by the surveys, which did not reflect with much precision the distance between the two contenders in the first vuelta, on the 2nd of October, and that in the last days showed the president making the difference with the candidate of the Party of los Workers, and even imposing on some probes.

acts. Bolsonaro was received with shouts of “¡mito!” ayer during the last day of the campaign rumbo to the ballottage, in which he will attempt the reelection against Lula da Silva. The tense campaign reaches its end with a pulse in the streets of the mayors Electoral Colleges of Brazil: the states of Sao Paulo, where Lula organized a walk, and Minas Gerais, where Bolsonaro headed a motorcycle caravan.

I am “trusted in victory”, I told local media the 67-year-old president to visit Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas, where he was greeted with shouts of “¡Mito, mito!” by thousands of supporters dressed in green and yellow. One of them was the micro-enterprise Fabrícia Alves, 36 years old. “I am not in favor of abortion in the gender ideology, which is what the other party wants to impose in our country”, she assured to justify her vote.

Brazil 20221029
ACTS They concentrated their latest activities in large electoral districts. The president is in Minas Gerais and the opponent in the streets of San Pablo. PHOTO: AFP

Lula prevailed in the first vuelta with 48% of the votes against Bolsonaro’s 43%, a result that broke the projects that anticipated an advantage held by the former representative. In the survey of the youth of the Datafolha Institute, the leader of izquierda went ahead with 53% against 47%.

In Brasilia, supporters of both candidates also circulated through the streets with banderas. The first lady, Michelle, participated aboard a jeep in a caravan of “Mujeres con Bolsonaro”, which brought together some science cars in the central region of the capital.

Cruce of accusations in debate. Both candidates were seen in the last televised debate in the evening, in which they were incessantly accused of lying.

Bolsonaro seeks reelection after four years of a government marked especially by the health and economic crisis that unleashed the pandemic and killed 688,000 people in Brazil, strained relations with institutions and international criticism for his environmental policy.

Brazil 20221029

In the final stretch, the slow recovery of the activity has presented as achievements of its government, mainly the recent retroceso of the inflation and the unemployment, which was ubiquited in 8.7% in September.

For months, Bolsonaro questioned without using the electronic voting system, raising fears that he would not accept the results of next Sunday. He said without embargo that “he who has bad votes, he wins”, when questioned in a brief interview after the debate about whether he would accept an eventual defeat. “This is the democracy”, he added.

“Caminata de la victoria” in Sao Paulo. Lula, who has completed his 77 years, aspires to return to power after ruling the first economy in Latin America between 2003 and 2010, he carried out a “victory walk” along the emblematic Avenida Paulista. “Brazil needs a government to take care of our people, especially the ones we need the most. It needs peace, democracy and dialogue”, wrote Lula in a letter addressed to voters.

On Sunday, 156 million Brazilians are invited to vote in the 26 states of the country and the federal district. In the first turn, around 32 million in the suffragaron (21%). The number quintuples the six million votes that Lula obtained over Bolsonaro. In Brazil, the vote is mandatory, but the fine for not going to the polls is 3.5 reais (0.50 US cents).

The final duel between Bolsonaro and Lula takes place in the midst of the expectation of a tight result that could increase the crispness and polarization of the country, after a tense campaign loaded with grievances and misinformation. After his terms in office, Lula was arrested in the framework of the “Lava Jato” anti-corruption megacause, but he was politically revived after the annulment of his convictions for procedural irregularities.

Now counts with the support of artists such as Anitta y Caetano Veloso, of senator Simone Tebet, third in the first round (4%), and of figures historically opposed to his Partido de los Trabajadores (PT), such as former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso (PSDB).

Bolsonaro counts with the support on all the agribusiness and the majority of evangelicals –a third of the electorate– who support their ultraconservative positions.

Several singers of the popular Brazilian sertanejo genre, the soccer player Neymar and the former US president Donald Trump, also declared themselves in favor of it, with only one comparison.

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