To reduce the dependence on petrol, many companies are preparing different types of vehicles. This includes electric, ethanol, hydrogen along with flex fuel.

Recently Toyota has introduced the country’s first flex fuel engine car. This car is also very much discussed. Nitin Gadkari himself wants that the demand for such vehicles

In such a situation, now Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India (HMSI) has also planned to launch the first motorcycle with flex fuel engine.

The company told about this that it will launch the first such bike within the next two years. Explain that the price of ethanol is 30 to 40 rupees less than that of petrol.

The second flex fuel bike will be : TVS’s flex fuel engine Apache RTR 200 Fi E100 is already present in the market. In such a situation, Honda’s new bike

the second motorcycle to run on flex fuel in the Indian market. Flex fuel is a fuel made by combining gasoline and methanol or ethanol

a small amount of petrol and a large amount of the rest. That is, they are capable of running on both petrol and ethanol. Honda already sells flex fuel motorcycles

Bike to come by the end of 2024 : Atsushi Ogata, CEO, Honda Motorcycle & Scooters India has announced the flex fuel motorcycle during an international conference