US Visa: You will get US visa before others! Speed ​​up the process like this

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US Visa Latest News: With the easing of restrictions related to the corona virus and the regularization of international flights, the number of passengers has increased. Due to this, visa appointments have also started taking long time. Those dreaming of traveling to the US should brace themselves for the moment as they may take time till October 2024 to get a visiting visa.

According to the US State Department website, “In Delhi and Mumbai, first-time nonimmigrant visitors will have to wait 758 and 752 days, respectively.”

For the visitor visa, the people of Kolkata will have to wait 779 days and the people of Chennai will have to wait for 617 days.

when will things improve

The situation may improve after the US embassy in India gets back 100 per cent of its staff as before COVID. A spokesperson for the US Embassy told the Times of India that as part of the recovery, the US mission in India is prioritizing the national interest and frequent travel. This year the US mission in India issued a record breaking visa of about 82,000 students.

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