NASA captures photo of the sun ‘smiling’

a satellite of National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) recorded an intriguing photograph, in which the Sun appears “smiling”. The “eyes” and “mouth” seen in the image are coronal holes — dark, cool areas that allow material from the solar corona to escape into space.

The photo was taken on the morning of Tuesday the 25th by the Solar Dynamics Observatory. The probe, sent into space by NASA in 2010, aims to study solar activity and its influence on Earth.

When the Sun increases its magnetic activity, solar storms occur that can damage telecommunications systems. This phenomenon is also responsible for the formation of auroras on Earth, which result from the interaction between solar wind particles and atmospheric gases.

Beyond the ‘smiling’ sun

earlier this month, NASA investigated a mysterious object that got stuck on the Ingenuity, the US space agency’s helicopter used on Mars. A video posted on social media shows a small piece of debris stuck to a part of the aircraft.

The images were taken on Ingenuity’s 33rd flight, when the helicopter was exploring the Jazero Crater region. The incident shows something similar to a plastic hooked to the aircraft’s foot. NASA qualified the object as an “FOD” – acronym for Foreign Object Debris. The term is used in aviation to refer to any foreign particle or substance capable of causing damage to an aircraft.

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