Taking the name of God, the father threw the piece of his liver into the sea, knowing the reason, the soul would tremble.

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New Delhi: A boat full of migrants ran out of food, water and petrol. There were 32 people in this boat. All of them had come out of Italy and started swinging between life and death in the middle of the sea. However, by the time the rescue team could reach, 6 people on the boat died due to deteriorating condition. Among the dead were 3 children and 3 women.

When the situation worsened, a father tied his son’s body in a cloth and threw it into the sea. The video of this painful scene has gone viral. Watching the video, it is understood how terrible the situation must have been at that time. It is being told that the person who threw the child is a native of Syria, who was going to Italy illegally with his family forever for new changes in his life.

When the father throws the dead body of his son, Allah Hu Akbar speaks. On 27 August, a boat carrying 32 migrants left the Turkish city of Antalya for Pozzalo, Italy. The journey was long, but the luggage on the boat was not enough to last the long journey.

When the food items were exhausted, the condition started deteriorating due to hunger and thirst, when nothing was understood, all the people mixed salty water of the sea in toothpaste to stay alive and quenched their hunger. 6 women and children could not stand the sea water and fell seriously ill. Gradually these people died.

Several days passed and the bodies started decomposing, their families present there started throwing the dead bodies in the water. Shrouded the cloth and started throwing it in the sea. Among those who threw the body was a father, whose son had died.

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