With the World Cup and Black Friday, retail and e-commerce giants bet on lives and football references – Copa 2022

Live from Amazon Brasil, produced by NWB and with the participation of the Desimpedidos channel – Reproduction / Twitter @desimpedidos

The change in the calendar of world Cupso that it could take place at the time of milder weather in Qatar – a country where the heat is usually scorching -, made the biggest event in the football on the planet also coincided with the sexta-feira Negrathe date on which retailers, in several countries (including Brazil), carry out promotions with significant discounts on the prices of numerous products.

In the “country of football”, with Black Friday falling this year on November 25, just the day after the premiere of Brazilian Team at the World Cup, the association with sport ends up becoming almost an obligation for brands.


Large retail chains and e-commerce companies have bet on this reference to the World Cup, in an attempt to engage Brazilian fans in the consumption marathon as well. Some even play their chips in lives with famous influencers, as a way to further increase public mobilization.

THE Americansfor example, scaled the narrator Galvão Bueno – which narrates the match between Brazil and Serbia, this Thursday (24th) – to announce its Red Friday, a reference to the color of the brand’s logo.

The campaign’s slogan is “Haaaja promotion”, a rereading of one of the most famous catchphrases by the broadcaster Globe🇧🇷 This Wednesday night, starting at 9 pm, she also performs a live on YouTube🇧🇷 TikTok🇧🇷 Facebook and in the app in the store, with the presence of well-known influencers, such as Botafogo Felipe Neto🇧🇷

already the Amazon Brazil decided to dive headlong into the world of football, as a way to attract consumers. On Wednesday (23), the platform held a Black Friday live, with the participation of fred and Chico Pedrottiof Clear Channel🇧🇷

The realization of the live was under the responsibility of the producer NWB, with the right to connect viewers, brands and creators, as well as user interaction in chat with influencers to answer questions. There were eight channels broadcasting the programming simultaneously on YouTube, one on the Amazon channel and seven more content tech creator channels.

sports references

Even those who did not go live took advantage of the World Cup in Qatar to do their football activations. O Magalu, for example, used the colors green, yellow and blue on the website, in reference to the selection. At the Instagramthe company announced the promotion in partnership with samsungwith a meeting between the virtual personas of the two brands (Lu and Sam), to announce a promotion involving 4K LED TVs.

Televisions, incidentally, are one of the great hopes of retail and e-commerce networks this Back Friday. In general, the sections of the sites that bring references to the World Cup have state-of-the-art TV sets highlighted.

case of carrefour, with its “Timaço da Black”, which is displayed as soon as the consumer accesses the hypermarket chain’s page. THE Havanawhat this week announced its plans to abandon sports sponsorships once and for all, did not fail to dedicate an allusion to the biggest event in world football on its Black Friday. In the “Cup preparation” section, the featured items are 4K TVs and unofficial shirt models for people to cheer for Brazil (and the like).

O Free market used the expression “tá on” (popularized by Neymar) to announce its Black Friday, which includes the Golaço deffers promotion”. In addition to TVs and sporting goods, highlighting the company’s partnership with adidas for the sale of official products, the platform offers discounts of up to 50% and free shipping for purchases from R$ 199, in the supermarket category, which includes beverages. In the others, free delivery is from R$ 79.

THE Shopee took advantage of the World Cup climate to launch its “Torcida Shô”, with free shipping for products with a seal, on orders over R$ 39 (the condition is that the cost of delivery is up to R$ 20). Among the items highlighted in the promotion are beers, snacks, spirits, decoration items related to the World Cup and clothing in green and yellow.

Sites specializing in sports products such as Centaur and Netshoes also picked up the momentum in anticipation of the World Cup to highlight official products of the Brazilian team and publish content on networks related to the competition.

Sponsors of the Brazilian team

Companies that sponsor the Brazilian national team have launched Black Friday promotions related to the World Cup. If, for example, the GOL Airlineswhat announced discounts on tickets during Brazil’s World Cup games🇧🇷

The network of pharmacies Pay less informed that it will publish Black Friday discount coupons on its social networks, during the break of the Brazilian team’s match against Serbia.

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