Wales v Iran – highlights and result

Namely, by the 2nd round of the world Cup 2022we had the confrontation Wales v Iran, at Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium. Thus, with the score of 2 x 0, the Iranians can still dream of qualifying, needing to win in the last round.

Therefore, even though they fought for victory, the Welsh were defeated. However, the match was very balanced, despite the result. You can check out the main details about the duel below.

Wales v Iran – Highlights

1st half: balanced start

First of all, the game started well truncated and balanced. That’s because both teams had a clear chance to score, but made many mistakes in finishing or stopped in the opponent’s defenses.

However, the Welsh pressured the opponent in the first stage, making the Iranian goalkeeper work, making beautiful defenses, saving the team.

Therefore, the first stage was not exciting, even with the pressure from the Welsh, we did not have the ball in the net, leaving the match open. Since both teams would need to improve to score.

2nd time: Iran surprises and wins the match

Thus, the second stage started the same, with the same balance as the first stage, with each team building chances to score, but failing in the last ball or stopping the goalkeepers.

However, Wales suffered with the expulsion of their goalkeeper in the 40th minute, leaving the team lacking. In this way, the Iranians opened the scoring in extra time, with the midfielder Chesmiwho hit a beautiful shot from outside the area, putting the ball in the corner.

Finally, Iran scored its second goal also in stoppage time, now with the right-back Rezaean🇧🇷 After receiving a nice pass, he entered the area and kicked at the goalkeeper’s exit.

Wales – What happens now?

In short, in the next round, on Tuesday (29), at 4 pm (Brasília time), the Wales face the England🇧🇷 While the Will face the United Stateson the same day and time.

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