Volkswagen “takes revenge” in action and returns 7 Goals of 2014 from Brazil to Germany – 2022 Cup

One of the seven Gols 2014 enters the container to be shipped to German soil – Divulgation / Volkswagen

In the farewell year of the Gol, one of the most traditional cars in the country’s automobile industry, Volkswagen decided to make a kind of historical reparation for Brazilian football. In an action developed by the AlmapBBDO agency, the automaker sent seven units of the car, model 2014, straight from Brazil to Germany in order to “scare away the zica” established after the famous 7×1 applied by the Germans to Brazilians in the Cup played on national soil .

According to Volkswagen, the action also serves as a tribute to the Gol, a car that had more than 8 million units sold in the Brazilian market, but which will no longer be manufactured by the end of this year. In the film, the seven units of the Gol model 2014 can be seen boarding co-containers for maritime transport and waiting for the completion of the procedures for the start of the trip.

“This is an action that only Volkswagen could do. We needed to thank the Brazilian for all this affection, taking advantage of one of the most important periods for Brazilians: the World Cup. We are going to return seven 2014 Goals to Germany, to show that Brazilians know how to laugh at themselves and to wish the Brazilian team good luck”, commented Livia Kinoshita, Executive Marketing Manager at Volkswagen.

Gol’s departure will give way to the brand’s newest entry-level car, the Polo Track, considered more technological, resistant and safer than its predecessor. The company even carried out a campaign with the two cars in recent weeks, in which he puts Gol and Polo Track to “play football” with a boost from the recently retired Fred and one of the highlights of the new generation of women’s football in the country, striker Gio Queiroz, from Arsenal.

“After so much history, Gol couldn’t leave without saying goodbye. And he couldn’t say goodbye without being in great style”, explained Fernando Duarte, executive creative director of AlmapBBDO.

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