In partnership with the company Fity, Cesar Cielo launches a learning and training program for swimming – Natação

César Cielo Program offers exclusive learning and training system – Disclosure

the swimmer Cesar Cielo entered into a partnership with the company Fity to launch the César Cielo Program, an exclusive learning and training system. The aim is to encourage the practice and qualification of swimming Brazilian culture, through classes with high quality standards.

Among the differentials announced are: tested and validated methodology; evaluation and follow-up of teachers to use the methodology and also of students with image analysis; management software with several resources for monitoring development; exclusive website and social media; and organization of internal festivals.

The methodology has six levels and starts with adaptation to the liquid environment, goes through learning and reaches training. With each phase change, the student earns a specific certificate.

Cielo took advantage of what he learned from different trainers to contribute to level 6 of the program. “At this level, I give you some important tips on specific training to achieve high performance. Even when the student completes level 6, in addition to the certificate, he receives a copy (imitation) of the medal of another I won at the Olympics Beijing in 2008,” he says.

focus on quality

Luiz Rigolin, founder of Fity, explains that the Cesar Cielo Program was not designed to be marketed on a large scale. “We have developed a system that focuses primarily on the quality of standards and processes. These characteristics do not match quantity. Our target audience is gyms, condominiums and schools that understand that the Cesar Cielo Program is exclusive and unique and that it can add a lot of value to the institutions that have it”, he says.

The commercialization of the Cesar Cielo Program happens in its own way, with Fity teachers, or in the form of licensing. The company has been operating in the area of ​​sports advisory and management for 25 years.

Cesar Cielo Program has already been implemented in St. Paul´s School, located in Jardim Paulistano, in the city of São Paulo. Deborah Pontual gave her opinion about the experience her son has had during classes. 🇧🇷The Cesar Cielo methodology is incredible. In a short period of time, I could see a huge improvement in my son’s swimming ability. The seriousness of the professionals, the attention to the children and their families and the dedication and passion for the sport stand out, to make the program obtain excellent results.”

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