Guaraná Antarctica summons Kaduzinho parrot to bring luck to Brazil against Serbia – World Cup 2022

Papagaio Kaduzinho is a candidate for the position of animal-prophet of the 2022 World Cup – Disclosure

The campaign of Guarana Antarctica for Brazil’s debut at the World Cup in Qatar, this Thursday (24), rescues a recurring tradition of world Cupsof the animals that would be able to “prophesy” the results of the competition.

The most famous of them was the octopus Paul, who gained the status of an international legend, by predicting, directly from the aquarium in the city of Oberhausen, Germany, the results of his country’s selection in the World Cup in South Africa, in 2010.

The eight-tentacled mollusk is no longer with us, as it ended up dying that same year. But since then, other forces of nature and even some created by the human mind have tried to occupy this post of python of the Cups. In times of machine learning, a genuinely Brazilian bird tries to prove that animals still have it all and are not prose when it comes to sports prophecy.

parrot bet

Kaduzinho is a parrot chosen by the sponsor of the Brazilian Team to guess the result of the country’s opener, against Serbia. Placed in front of the flags of both nations, the bird did not hesitate before opting for the starry labarum, with its green laurel.

That is: Kaduzinho nailed Brazil as the winner of the confrontation. This is just one of the activations that Guaraná Antarctica carried out on this date.

With the purpose of bringing positive energy to the athletes, the brand chose friends, family and professionals who work behind the scenes of the Brazilian team to receive the first cans of Guaraná Antarctica Simpatias (edition not available for sale), inspired by flavors associated with the idea of ​​luck , such as rosemary, pepper, coarse salt, pomegranate and cinnamon.

This Saturday they enabled the sale of train rides to Rosario, Córdoba and Tucumán

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