Giroud scores again in World Cups, fends off “Zika” and becomes the top scorer for the national team

THE France turned and thrashed Australia 4 x 1 and showed several important resources during the 90 minutes of play, such as variations of plays, use of wing tips in various ways, Griezmann playing indented and Giroud showing why it is in its third World Cup.

In this way, the current world champion team showed its strength and will be present in the fight for its third world championship in Qatar, despite the embezzlements, his collective remains strong and very competitive.

Giroud says goodbye to goal drought and equals Henry

Another positive point of France in its debut was the return of Giroud rocking the nets in worlds, since the athlete had been the reserve of Benzema in the team, in addition to being heavily criticized in the media recently for his performances in the French shirt, being an easy target for the media.

However, to the happiness of the French and the general sadness of the other teams, the center forward scored again in world Cupsomething that hadn’t happened since 2014, and he didn’t score just once, but twice in the match, taking away the weight he carried on his back.

In this way, in addition to becoming a weapon of the team commanded by Deschampsthe striker still reached an important mark in his career and equaled the legendary Thierry Henryas the top goalscorer in the French selectionahead of other famous stars, such as the Golden Ball Karin Benzema and the legend Michel Platini.

In addition, the player’s two goals were important for the Francesince they changed the panorama of the match, being them the turning point over the Australia and a goal to extend the advantage, which until that moment was very short and the game was still very dangerous for the current world champion, who was struggling in her debut.

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