Bitci says he has a contract with CBF, which says the sponsor is in default – Copa 2022

Backdrop of the mixed zone of the Brazilian team, in Doha, without the Bitci logo – Máquina do Esporte

THE Bitci released an official note denying that there had been a termination of the contract with Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF)🇧🇷 According to the blockchain platform, “The contracts between the Brazilian Team and Bitci are valid and effective. There is no termination notice for Bitci.” The information that Bitci is no longer on the list of sponsors of the Brazilian team was anticipated on Tuesday (22) by Sport Machine🇧🇷

According to Sport Machine found out, the CBF removed the company from its list of sponsors for non-payment of the amounts agreed in the contract. The Bitci logo had already been removed from the backdrop of the Brazilian team’s conference room when coach Tite released the squad for the World Cup.

The Turkish blockchain company’s branding is also no longer on the CBF website🇧🇷 Not even in the mixed zone where athletes from the Brazilian team pass to give interviews to reporters, in Doha, Qatar.


CBF reported that it has already notified Bitci several times about non-payment of sponsorship installments. The case is now being handed over to the entity’s legal department, which has not yet decided whether to file some type of legal action against the company.

Bitci, however, informs that “even if the sponsorship contract somehow ends, this does not change the reality that BFT is the legitimate and only fan token of the Brazilian national team. In other words, all BFT supply, listing, trading and circulation transactions are legitimate and lawful”.

The confederation, through its press office, states that it has already notified the company several times for still selling the fan token of the Brazilian team. However, despite the default alleged by the CBF, the confederation has not yet begun negotiations for a sponsorship contract with another company in the sector.

understand the case

Bitici’s reaction came after the CEO and founder of Socios.coma competitor of the Turkish company, published on its Twitter account the report by Sport Machine about CBF’s decision to end the contract with the brand.

On November 19, Dreyfus had criticized cryptocurrency companies that have been doing actions with national teams using fantokens. In the tweet, the executive had asked these companies for “more creativity”.

official note

Read the full Bitci official note below.

“Dear users,

This mandatory public statement is about Socios’ Alex Dreyfus handling of Twitter yesterday. Alex Dreyfus, in a statement on Twitter yesterday, took aim at Bitci, its investors and business partners. Bitci is open to competition and willing. However, competition must be fair and honest. Alex Dreyfus, on the other hand, does not compete fairly and honestly, on the contrary, he hopes to harm Bitci and its investors with unfair attacks.

In the above action, it was alleged that the sponsorship contract signed between Bitci and the Brazilian national team was terminated and that Bitci was still selling BFT NFT. For this reason, global exchanges that list BFT have been advised to make their listings more carefully. This statement and attack is clearly unfair and misleading. Due to this manipulation attack, necessary criminal and legal proceedings were initiated against Alex Dreyfus, Socios and their employees today.

The contracts between the Brazilian team and Bitci are valid and in effect. There is no notice of termination for Bitci. Furthermore, even if the sponsorship contract somehow ends, it does not change the reality that the BFT is the legitimate and only fan token of the Brazilian national team. In other words, all BFT supply, listing, trading and circulation transactions are legitimate and lawful.

No cryptocurrency on the secondary trading market is subject to continuation or termination of the sponsorship agreement. Alex Dreyfus doesn’t know them or ignores them. The loss of control experienced during the World Cup to harm Bitci, Socios’ biggest rival, and its investors, reached the false claim that Brazilian NFTs, which Bitci never sold, were sold.

The legal and economic response to this unhealthy and disrespectful attitude will obviously be clear and hard. We expect the contract and contractual clauses that Bitci CEO Onur Altan Tan will announce at CEO Talks today will be carefully followed by Alex Dreyfus.

We do not like and do not accept competition where attempts are made to manipulate the contract, the law and the product unconsciously or consciously. We hereby inform the public that the necessary reports on clear violations of law, data protection and financial crime legislation of Alex Dreyfus’ operations in Turkey through Socios have been sent to the relevant official institutions and that all necessary criminal proceedings and legal investigations and lawsuits were launched against him and his company.


Bitci Technology Inc.”

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