Small Cessna plane crashes in Baltic Sea, one dead, many missing

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Small Cessna plane crashes in Baltic Sea, one dead, many missing

Riga (Latvia): A small Cessna plane has crashed in the Baltic Sea. This plane crash is being told on Sunday. On Sunday itself, a float plane crashed in Puget Sound in Washington, USA, in which one person was killed, while many people are said to be missing. In the first case of a plane crash, Swedish rescuers told the media that a private Cessna plane crashed off the coast of Latvia on Sunday evening. At that time, NATO’s jet aircraft also followed this aircraft coming astray on the air route.

According to the Flight Radar 24 website, a Cessna 551 aircraft registered in Austria took off from Jerez in southern Spain. The small plane turned twice towards Paris and Cologne before heading to the Baltic Sea. It was passing near the Swedish island of Gotland before it crashed. Its height and speed were quite high. A spokesman for the Swedish rescue team said that we learned that the plane crashed in the north-west of the city of Ventspils in Latvia (at sea). It has disappeared from the radar.

Lithuanian Air Force searching for small plane

Johann Wahlström of the Swedish Maritime Administration said German and Danish warplanes were first sent to inspect the plane as it passed through those countries’ airspace, but were unable to make contact. He said that no one was found present in the cockpit of the plane. At the same time, the German newspaper Bild reported that apart from the pilot, a man, a woman and a person were on board the plane. A Lithuanian Air Force spokesman said a Lithuanian Air Force helicopter was sent to the crash site for search and rescue at the request of neighboring Latvia. Latvia said it had sent ships to the scene.

Float plane crashes in Washington

At the same time, in another incident, one person was killed, while eight people are missing when a float plane crashed in Puget Sound in Washington, US on Sunday. The US Coast Guard tweeted Sunday afternoon that the plane was taking off from Friday Harbor, a popular tourist destination on San Juan Island, for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The accident occurred in Mutiny Bay, about 64 kilometers northwest of Seattle. The Coast Guard said one body had been recovered and eight people were missing.

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