Young people who don’t see the future

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The climate of opinion continues to be unbalanced, uncertain, lack of future horizons. Fewer Argentines are identified with ideological or partisan labels. Even part of the political leadership continues to speak, as if previous dogmas were understood by generations who had not lived through the years of Perón del 45 and 73, during the military dictatorships, in the Alfonsinista spring. There was no Menemist convertibility.

Today 1988 saw the crisis of 2001, some years of strong growth with Néstor Kirchner and a country divided into two from the crisis in the countryside and more than ten years without continuous economic growth. Peronism, radicalism, liberalism, right, izquierda comienzan to be symbols without meanings. It is not by chance that today the mitad of young people believe that they will have a better future frontiers outside that remain in the country.

We are not saying that they are going to go ahead and that they are in progress, we are only saying that they express a state of discouragement because they do not see the future here. Meanwhile, politics continues with its game arguing among them, seeking positions thinking about the elections and not about government programs that are capable of including the totality of Argentines. Both those who can travel abroad without economic problems and those who only reach to take the colectivo.

We have a society crying out for a fight between them and solutions. A society that in its majority is able to understand the economic constraint and for this reason it believes that the salary increases that are being asked must take into account the economic possibilities of employers.

Manes, Lula and the populism

In the face of inflation, they prefer to freeze the income at the current moment, while the prices stop rising. If you prefer certainty rather than losing purchasing power, instead of not knowing that you can buy mañana. Meanwhile, Cristina differs from the Government by authorizing the increase in the preparations for Alberto to challenge her with her decisions not consulted and insists on differentiating herself from her with her “honest management”.

But on the ground he discusses officialism, he also discusses what to do with the PASO. The suspension project was presented by a sector allied with the officialdom and strongly endorsed by Wado de Pedro, who says he is trying to convince the President of the convenience of suspending them. At the same time, Máximo Kirchner doubts that Alberto should be a candidate. It is clear that the President is not convinced of the suspension. It’s bad, it alienates internal competence. But why are you so different within officialdom?

A thought would say: I’m the government and I need time to stabilize the economy and lower inflation, the PASO gives me the electoral deadlines in May, give me time to generate a better distribution of income and attempt a minimum stability plan. In addition, if the opposition complicates that there is no PASO for which le voy to facilitate the task. Of course, there is another sector of officialdom that thinks that there is a need to settle the internal political struggle between the kirchneristas and kirchnerists, that the economy is growing, that at some point as expressed by the President in IDEA, people should look at it as a vase medium empty and not like a medium empty vase. In addition, I could have the support of Sean Javier Milei or Mauricio Macri who entered the ballottage and allí the possibilities of officialdom ranged from 0% to 50% of winning in the second round. There is also the argument about game rules that cannot be changed from moment to moment.

Although this discussion unfolds Macri launches his book, defines doctrine, makes statements that are not too different in economic terms from Milei and in the background he ends up saying the dueño of this space soy yo. And if you don’t finish defining what’s the change, I’m still able to support Martín Losteau for the Capital.

The electoral result of Brazil in the morning will bring immediate political consequences in the area. If Lula wins, we will tend to officialdom and above all kirchnerism, feeling that history is a new opportunity. And here we return to why a sector of officialdom wants to suspend the PASO. If he won Jair Bolsonaro, Macri and Milei casi wanted to take a photo together. Finally, liberalism and the anti-system had triumphed. The moon will be a different day.

*Political consultant.

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