“We seek to demonstrate the importance of the format”

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Producer General Eric Dawidson and Director Juan Montes are in the middle of the Buenos Aires Music Video Festival, at the BAMV Fest, an event that has managed to be the epicenter in the country at the time of the video clips. Until the 4th of November, in the Centro Cultural Recoleta, you will be able to see a massive number of videos, which have the sections of the event, and there are only conversations and live shows. All activities are free and free of charge.

—How do you define the current status of the videoclip universe in Argentina and how do you see it reflected in the work you are doing?

ERIC DAWIDSON: I believe that the Argentino video clip is going through its best moment. On the ground for the privileged place that shares on the platforms with the success of lxs great artists of the moment worldwide, I also for what goes behind the camera at the community level of filmmakers and the institutional level. Since the video clip was considered an authorial work by its directors “audiovisual authors” by the DAC (Argentine Cinematographic Directors) in 2015, something started to change, and for good. In recent years, the community of video clip directors has grown exponentially and has been able to interact in an organized way. In spite of the pandemic, it helped to strengthen these loops and as we know, the audiovisual sector was very affected. In recent years, many spaces for the exchange of ideas and work in the community have been generated, such as the CAV (Argentine Video Clip Chamber), FilmarMúsica and by supuesto BAMV Fest, which are spaces dedicated 100% to the management and diffusion of the video clip, and that emerged from the need to define this art from the perspective of its protagonists: lxs filmmakers. This without doubt is changing the paradigm within the music and audiovisual industry, marking and leading a trend at a global level.

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—What are the new categories that have been added and how is a festival generated solely on the basis of video clips organized?

JUAN MONTES: This year the Festival is organized in five Competencies (General, Public Vote, Technique, Special and Formats) and counts with 33 official categories. As a video clip competition, BAMV Fest seeks to achieve the entire audiovisual prism of this format that is in constant motion. Since this edition, the Festival will reorganize the Technical Competence, separating Argentine works from those carried out abroad. In addition, we will summarize new categories such as “Large Format”, for works that exceed 20 minutes in duration: a trend increasingly employed by artists who want to break out of the mold or differentiate themselves from short-term content on social networks.

—What do you believe is the importance of an event that takes care of the videoclip universe?

M: The video clip is an audiovisual format that has challenged the general audience since its most evident distribution for more than three decades. Today the panorama is much more diverse and massive. The selection curated by the Festival seeks to highlight, rescue and disseminate an audiovisual work that goes against the common sense. Because when creativity is dominated by a marketing strategy, the result tends to be flat and without emotions. Everything is contrary to what we conceive of as a video clip. With the Festival we seek to demonstrate the importance of this format in popular culture and in the incidence that it has in art in current affairs.

The audience’s response

—What was the public’s response to previous editions and what do you think about your work?

JUAN MONTES: It is surprising to see how the Festival has grown with each edition. After a pandemic that has reached us much more, the recognition is such that we arrived at the Centro Cultural Recoleta this year. In addition, we want to emphasize our emerging talents, while we seek to provide important visibility during the event. Last year, which were nominated in the “Emergent Video” category, were in charge of the award’s conduction. This year the Festival will take place in the framework of the Semana del Orgullo, where we will add special activities.

—What is the response from the universe of filmmakers and musicians to an event that contains and groups them as a creative movement?

ERIC DAWIDSON: I believe that both filmmakers and musicians find at BAMV Fest a response to a need that the mismo medio generates. The speed that is handled today in the consumption of audiovisual content does not allow the message of artists to reach the public in a profound way. Because it is the space that the festival offers so that audiovisual works can be appreciated, enjoyed and desmenuzed, it is something that artists (both directors and musicians) appreciate a lot and we really notice it in each edition, and it gives us much joy and energy to continue .

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