Video of Janones praising Bolsonaro goes viral on social media

Coordinator of the digital campaign of former president and presidential candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), federal deputy André Janones (Avante-MG) gained notoriety after spreading false news about President Jair Bolsonaro (PL). But the parliamentarian was not always averse to the current government’s proposals and favorable to PT’s ideas.

On May 22, 2019, for example, Janones recorded a video to praise the Provisional Measure (MP) 870/2019. This proposal reduced from 29 to 22 the number of bodies with status minister in government. On that occasion, the ministries of Cities, Culture, Social Development, Sports, Finance, Industry, Foreign Trade and Services, National Integration, Planning, Development and Management, Public Security and Labor were extinguished.

“This provisional measure that the president signed reduced the breast-feeding”, said the deputy, indicating with his hands the buildings in which the ministries’ employees worked. “She ended up with this job hanger that was the ministries in our country. It was a bitch for shameless people who don’t like to work. Bolsonaro ended up with the big breast that was there.”

According to Janones, the initial proposal foresaw an even more drastic reduction in the number of ministries. However, pressure from opponents resulted in a dehydration of the original text. “This alone will provide, in four years, more than R$ 3 billion of savings for the country”, he observed. “Respect for taxpayer money. They are trying to blackmail the president and saying that they will not vote for the MP. I want to say that the president has my support in this cause.”

And what about PT?

in june of this yearduring an interview with the portal WOW, Janones described the Workers’ Party (PT) as a “gang”. “In Lula’s government, she was a thief”, he pointed out, when answering if he took advantage of the rapporteur’s amendments. “I don’t even participate in the government base. I also have no commitment to the opposition. First, there is no ‘Secret Budget’. ‘Secret budget’ there was before, when the minister took [a verba] and gave it to his minions. Today, Congress also does this.”

According to Janones, the rapporteur’s amendments do not present irregularities. “In the Lula government, only the PT bandit had access to this,” he said. “It was worse. Today, at least, the press has access. The press knocks, the STF responds. When the PT gang was in power, there was no such thing.”

At the time, the deputy said he “would not sell himself” to the PT “gang”. Two months later, Janones withdrew from the presidential race and announced support for Lula’s candidacy. Since then, the congressman has taken the reins of the PT campaign on social media and has coordinated the reputational assassination of opponents, especially Bolsonaro.

Electoral free-for-all against Bolsonaro

The door to disinformation was opened on September 5, when the deputy defended the use of fake news against the Chief Executive. “Attention, urgent: Bolsonaro’s party would be behind the request for suspension of the law that we passed in Congress, guaranteeing the minimum wage for nurses,” Janones wrote on Twitter. “If confirmed, it is serious. Very serious.” Then, he himself assumed the falsehood of the accusation and explained that it was intended to tarnish the image of the President of the Republic. “Print this and make it viral on WhatsApp,” he said. “I will make live, also. Make them all over Brazil. An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.”

Since then, Janones has accused the current president of assaulting women, being adept at cannibalism, practicing zoophilia and participating in Freemasonry. None of these claims correspond to reality.

The subscriber can read a complete report on the fake news of the PT electoral campaign by clicking on this link.

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