They confirm that the Argentinean trans was signed and held by the last customer

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A 35-year-old Italian citizen is accused of the murder of Naomi Cabral, a 48-year-old Argentine transsexual who lived on the coast of Rome, in jail.

Naomi was strangled at night between the 4th and the 5th of October in a room at the Hotel Samoa, in Tor San Lorenzo. The two key tracks thanks to the carabineros from the localities of Frascati and Anzio, along with the Velletri inspectorate, managed to solve the case using the images of the surveillance video cameras installed in the hotel area and the data from Naomi’s cell phone .

The investigators placed under the magnifying glass on all the people with whom they were in the last hours of life, in addition to their telephone contacts. The average locals have stated that there are even images of the man who is now detained who enters the hotel next to the victim.

The case had been defined at first as confusing because Naomi’s body did not show signs of physical violence in the traces of blood in the dwelling. However, the autopsy operation revealed that her death took place through strangulation, and is believed to have taken place during an apparent sexual match.

Naomi was a sex worker. She was born in the province of Chaco, but for several years she lived in Italy. According to the investigation, he received his clients in a department of the Hotel Samoa in Tor San Lorenzo, near Torvaianica, in the middle of the Roman coast: there was found in life in the past October 6 by Claudia, transsexual, compatriot and next to Naomi .

Since she was signed until the moment her friend Claudia hit, uselessly, Naomi’s bedroom door and she met without life, many hours passed.

The whole story that revolves around Naomi, in its denouement, has a “Pasolinian” background. In this area of ​​the south of the capital, there are well-cultivated fields and industrial establishments, in addition to much cement and large squares with low-floor departments.

Andrea Conocchia is the parish priest of this tight area between the seafront and Pontina, the highway that leads to Rome from the south. The priest is proud of his visit to the Merlo-Moreno diocese in Buenos Aires, while he receives the PROFILE in the church of Blessed Vergine Immacolata, at the end of a competitive mass on a working day.

“Torvaianica has the perfume and the colors of the periphery. Here there are good people, very simple, and emigrant friends with temporary jobs that during the winter it is not known where they live, where they go. There are also pockets of marginality and, on the other hand, hecho that in our territory there has been habit – and maybe they are still being – ‘families’ of the mafia are something that everyone knows”, he tells.

And he continued: “There are a lot of drugs running around, like arrests for drug trafficking and usury. Many teenagers have been abandoned to their fate”.

Andrea never ruled out the possibility that Naomi had been the victim of a violent death. “Maybe that day in this room of the hotel I had alcohol, drugs (¿overdosis?) Or maybe the cause of the decision was for private sexual performances”, she assured.

The priest, who is on the first line in this complex economic and social reality, has been organizing meetings of transsexual groups with the Pope for some time now. Accompanied by French nun Genevieve Jeanningros, last April 27 Francisco received four South American transsexuals from Torvaianica: Naomi was one of them.

“This was the first of a series of similar initiatives that we managed to organize after the outbreak of the pandemic. Every time when Naomi and other girls showed up a day at the port of our church and we asked for food: les dimos pasta, tomatoes, harina, vegetables, coffee, sugar. From there, I was told that they were prostitutes. As they couldn’t work on the street for the antivirus measures, they urgently needed help, they couldn’t manage to pay the rooms where they received their customers”.

But in a moment the priest had an idea and I proposed: “You are Argentines, if you write the history of their life conditions, maybe the Pope, who is like a parish priest from all over the world, will give them a hand”. The letters were sent and the help was approved. “Followed, we were able to arrive in an ambulance with fifty anti-covid vaccines, in addition to tests, hisoptics, food: all destined for our community of transsexuals, of which the Pope is a very friend. The meeting we had with the Pope was precisely to thank you for these help”.

How did Francisco react after knowing the news of Naomi’s death? “Ser Genevieve visited him again and took a card with a photo, in which Naomi appears, from our meeting with him. Francisco thanked her for her gesture and commented that he could pray and remember her there”.

“I was naked, mouth down, in bed”

Naomi did not answer los llamados ni los mensajes. There were a few days that they didn’t get the attention of their friends and members of the trans colectividad. It was Claudia, originally from Jujuy, who was next to the dead.

“A companion told me that there were days when he didn’t see the phone and he didn’t answer the phone, I guess he called me the attention. Then I contacted via WhatsApp and tampoco, nothing. La llamé al telefono fijo y lo mismo, daba off. There it was when I went up to her department –una bed, television, kitchen and room of chiquititos– and she hit the door, she said: ‘Naomi, abrí, soy yo, Claudia’. Strike more strong and the door opened, not estaba con llave: there it was when I saw it, imaginate cómo me quedé. She was naked, mouth down, in bed. I saw it all from afuera, in the touch between the department”, she told her PROFILE.

Y recalled: “We have shared beautiful moments because we live in the same place. And she always told me: ‘Never make me sick, my vieja, because in that case, you’ll take care of me…’. We are all trans, we are a union. What is what I want now? May Naomi have a good grave”.

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