The UCR held an act to show its unity and convening, without Manes and Larreta

The radicalism showed its unity and power of convening in an act in the building of Costa Salguero to remember the 39th anniversary of the election that Raúl Alfonsín won and marked the return of democracy. In addition to the UCR, leaders of Together for the Changeas Horacio Rodríguez Larreta that I am present.

The showy data is that Facundo Manes at the meeting. The neuroscientific in the study was present for a planned trip to Spain, where he was invited by the PSOE 40 years after Felipe González’s triumph.

Act of the UCR
Act in Costa Salguero

With this act, radicalism intends to leave behind the internal blunders within its party and its front in Juntos por el Cambio behind the declarations of Manes. “There is no space for making mistakes, we have to settle the differences, get out of the personal vanities, not have people’s discussions and look at the side of the people. The guarantee is a program where the voice of the people is not, but the firm of the political parties to commit to an immediate future”, I support the coordinator of the interlock of Juntos por el Cambio in the Chamber of Diputados, Mario Negri.

The Cordobés pointed out in his speech both the Frente de Todos and the Liberals. “Isquierda and derecha populism are besieging us. Both are only present: one trampling on power and the other taking advantage of fatigue”, he launched.

Act of the UCR
Luis Naidenoff in the act of the UCR in Costa Salguero

On the other hand, the national senator Luis Naidenoff stated that “there is a pending signature in Argentine politics that is the culture of values, of the exercise of the public function, of democratic tolerance, a project that includes all Argentines” and noted that “it is the challenge of the UCR”.

Before beginning the act the radical legislator he contested to the holder of the PRO, Patricia Bullrichwho called to “take care of the City” because the head of the Porteño Gobierno, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, wanted to “deliver” to radicalism.

La Ciudad y las provinces in the heritage of no one party. There is a tool that only the PASO and the Argentineans must elect, in the same way that we aspire to democratic competence and that Juntos por el Cambio can exhibit ideas and projects more than names”, marked the legislator in dialogue with AT.

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Hours earlier, Bullrich had crossed Larreta for his approach to the radical referent Martín Lousteau, also present in Costa Salguero, and accused him of wanting to offer the governance of the City with the UCR in the aftermath of his presidential candidacy. “The PRO has to conserve the City of Buenos Aires as its place, its semillero”, says the former Minister of Security.

Accompanied by the senator of the opposition and his current partner Carolina Losada, also vice-president of the High Chamber, Naidenoff stated that “there is a generalized sensation of abatement and sadness in society” and that “politics have to stop looking at the shoulder and thinking about society, something that the UCR and Juntos por el Cambio are responsible for”.

Once he went up to the stage, where he shared space with half a hundred leaders of radicalism, the senator gave a reflection on the journey ahead. “The revaluation of (Raúl) Alfonsín always looms large and this is what you need to see because there is a signature that is pending in Argentina and this is the challenge and contribution of the Radical Civic Union”, cerró.

“This party is big because the collective project was always stronger than the individual project. The vanities, the personal egos only prioritize mezquian interests, when there is room in Argentina”, he added.

However, the national deputy Alfredo Cornejo subrayó that “no hay que mirar el ombligo del Partido, I can only aim for adelante, as Hizo Raúl Alfonsín”. “We must be from the radicalism, but in the unit of Juntos por el Cambiothose who propose an economic program that robs us of populism, poverty, degradation”, he planned.

Act of the UCR
Martín Lousteau was present

“We can’t talk more about the Argentinean people. We need a clear approach, with serious public policies that really represent what people need”, said the president of Radical Youth, Valeria Pavón.

The cierre was in charge of the leader of Evolution and national senator, Martín Lousteau; and the jujeño governor and holder of the National Committee, Gerardo Morales.

Among the guests from other spaces are also the national representatives Margarita Stolbizer, Diego Santilli, Emilio Monzó and Rogelio Frigerio.


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