The BMW of a Cordoba politician clashed with a Sandero: mujer a mujer and hay dos heridos

Un dramatic accident if it takes place this saturday in the camino de las Altas Cumbresin the beautiful mountainous area of ​​Córdoba, when the vehicles collided head-on, one of them was a BMW that was driving Oscar Felix Gonzalezhistorical leader of the PJ Cordobés and current provisional president of the provincial Legislature.

If González suffered some injuries, it was indicated that he was in danger. On the other hand, the balance between the three occupants of the Renault Sandero that impacted head-on with the car of the leglador was heartbreaking, because it killed a woman and there were serious herides, a man and a woman who were hospitalized at the Hospital de Mina Clavero .

As indicated, González, who represents in the Provincial Legislature of the Department of San Javier, traveled alone and did not know, however, the causes that could have given rise to the tremendous accident, the provincial police tried to clarify this Saturday with the realization of the corresponding expertise.

Oscar González, holder of the Cordoba Legislature, was the protagonist of a serious accident in the Altas Cumbres.
Oscar González is a historic leader of the Cordobés PJ.

The shock is produced on ruta 34, at the height of kilometer 17, and the success of the project broadens its repercussion in the province, where González is a man who has carried out large public tasks and is widely known in the political circle of Cordoba Peronism.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the names of the three people who traveled in the Renault Sandero are not yet known. As a result of the devastating impact, both vehicles ended up turning, and were leaning on their roofs, in the case of Sandero on his own asphaltic belt, while the legislator’s car ended up on one of the backs of the road.


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