Santilli: “It seems that Kicillof defends the criminal minority”

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The political leader of Juntos por el Cambio, Diego Santilli, told details about his proposal for lower the imputability age to 15 years🇧🇷 In addition, he emphasized that “it seems that Axel Kicillof defends the criminal minority“. At the same time, I explained that “there are two central themes: drug trafficking and minority“. On the other hand, sentenced in Fontevecchia modeby Net TV and Radio Perfil (FM 101.9), who “would not underestimate kirchnerism” for the next choose🇧🇷

What do you remember from the last election, where you won in the most important district?

A year has been fulfilled choice and it was important what we did. con Facundo Manes we had a primary that served us to expand the space and win kirchnerismo united in the Province of Buenos Aires. That was the starting point and now you have to keep working.

Measures to improve security

You have submitted a project to lower the imputability age to 15 years. How could this measure contribute to solving the issue of insecurity?

Last year, in the middle of the campaign, we committed to various topics. For that, we need laws that allow us to readjust all the measures in terms of security, as per the Penal Code. It also prevents delinquents who commit violent crimes from entering through one door and exiting through the other. And then there are two central themes: drug trafficking and minority🇧🇷

it’s not just lower the imputability age to 15 years (which is where firearms and sexual crimes come from), but which also implies the responsibility of the young person who kills or rapes, which cannot be unimputable. And there must also be reparation, for example, making the minor go to school every day and the State has control over social reinsertion, to prevent it from recidivism.

Diego Santilli wants to lower the age of imputability to 15 years in cases of violent crimes

In addition, we have given two years as a maximum to Justice to take a decision and attend to the institutes of minors that are in poor condition.

CFK’s speech in La Plata and the mention of insecurity

Did you call the attention that in Cristina Kirchner’s speech put the theme of insecurity on the agenda, being something unusual in kirchnerism?

Yes, of course I called my attention. In 15 years of kirchnerist management, they never spoke of it security🇧🇷 And when it was done in terms of “sensación”. As in many of the things they do, they reacted 15 years later. Now, as we speak of the laws that have to be updated in terms of insecurity, we also have to have one political decision.

And I always say that today you have a governor who does not have the decision to defend citizens and victims, quite the opposite. Looks like Axel Kicillof defends the criminal minority. And I did it in all its facets. He went through the pandemic when he closed the traders and released the delinquents due to covid. He now does it by keeping the cell phones in the detention centers or when he sees that televisions are bought so that they can watch the World Cup.

Sabina Frederic: “Insecurity cannot be resolved by policing everyday life”

Speaking in terms of security, I have a clear model. Let’s think that 82% of the crime in the Province takes place in a range of 9 thousand square kilometers. That’s why you have to train the Forces, give them a good salary and access to technology. At the time they criticized me for it facial recognition in the City, but many delinquents are placed at the disposal of Justice through the cameras.

today Horacio Rodriguez Larreta have the city that is second in the smallest amount of homicides on the continent. Now you are in the historic minimums of the City. And this can be done in the Province too.

The management of the Ministry of Security of Buenos Aires

We interviewed Sabina Frederic earlier and she was critical of Sergio Berni. What is your opinion of her work?

The problem is not Berni, I believe in the political philosophy of Kirchnerism that is not defending citizens. When I had to face complicated cases, the Minister of Security was there and accompanied me. So, the Province lacks political decision to combat the crime. They also need instruments to address this issue and support la Fuerza.

In that sense, they stopped taking forward the policy of Maria Eugenia Vidal to advance against drug trafficking. Los narcotics están volviendo a los barrios y eso te lo dicen los vecinos.

In a “mano a mano”, Diego Santilli would win Axel Kicillof in the province of Buenos Aires

The electoral competition of 2023

In the act we mentioned by Cristina Kirchner, she made it to Wado by Pedro and Axel Kicillof at the end. What is the meaning of this decision? Are the candidates for kirchnerism behind that?

It is likely that it is. They are lining up their sector for their supporters. And as everyone says, they are going to defend the district where you want to remain planted kirchnerism, which is the Province. In that sense, the past year we had a great merit that was to make a primary competence to expand the space and earn them, but it is not going to be a simple party.

I would not underestimate kirchnerism, you have to be careful. And these are the candidates of kirchnerism, the ones we will tend to win playing at the bottom with the best ideas.


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