Macri says that Argentina “will win the World Cup”

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Mauricio Macri overcome the problems that you have with your valija al llegar al Qatar airport, settled in that country and began to breathe the globalist climate. In this context, the former president said that at his understanding there Argentina national team “go to win the World Cup”ūüáßūüá∑

Days after opening a controversy by stating that Germany was a candidate for being “superior race”, Macri assured that Argentina is “among the six the seven favorite teams to win” and that “incluso algunos nos ubican en los primeros puestos”.

The ex-president is a football fanatic and this has been demonstrated in his career in the Presidency, but also with his history at the head of Boca Juniors. He didn’t want to miss the opportunity to travel to see the World Cup and that’s why I traveled to Qatardonde llegó during this weekend.

Macri apologized for his remarks about Germany and the “superior race”: “You had a wrong sentence”

ūüáßūüá∑It’s very difficult to win a World Cup, especially when direct eliminations are performed. I always say that to win there is a party that, playing badly, has to succeed and win it”, launched the former president this Monday, November 21 in statements to the radio la redūüáßūüá∑

The leader of the PRO was hopeful with respect to the Argentine performance in the tournament. “I have faith to be in the final again, (Lionel) Scaloni has armed a very good group, (Lionel) Messi is very concentrated and there are five or six very important players“, analyzed.

The analysis of the game

In that line, the former president of Argentina was encouraged to briefly analyze how he sees the Selection. “I like to play”, assured. He described that the set has “a clear game” and also players who “know how to move with the ball, solid defenders and (Ángel) Di María in an impressive moment”.

One of the questions asked by Macri was whether he believed Messi deserved to win a Fútbol World Cup before retiring. He contested that “clearly si” and that “At the time we thought that there would never be someone like (Diego) Maradona and Messi”.

The agent will be tomorrow in the Lusail Iconic from Qatar, where Argentina will put first in the World Cup with a match against Saudi Arabia that will be disputed from 7 in the morning (Argentine time).

In a final answer, Macri showed hope with regard to South America’s candidacy for the 2030 World Cup. let’s fight until the end“, launched.

Chiqui Tapia’s message for the World Cup in Qatar: “Soñemos”


The former president launched a moderated comment if he considers the controversial statements he made last week when he qualified Germany for “superior race”.

While talking about Argentina’s chances of winning the World Cup, it referred to the football selection of Germany as a “superior raceūüáßūüá∑ “Germany cannot be discarded, it is superior. Always play until the end”manifest.

The words of the PRO manager were repudiated in networks for their possible association with him Nazism and the idea of ‚Äč‚Äč”superior race” aria. After she had to apologize. “You had a wrong sentence that refers to the worst nightmares of humanity”clarified the leader of the PRO hours after what happened.

“Ayer speaking from the world cup and obviously referring to the indisputable futbolistic skills of Germany, you have a wrong sentence that refers to the worst nightmares of humanity, for what I want to clarify and offer my apologies“, published Macri on his social networks.


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