Luquitas Rodríguez on the Hasbulla show: “I don’t have an idea of ​​what’s in it”

Since it was announced that Hasbulla Magomedov will give a show at the Teatro Gran Rex on the next 7th of November, the madness in the networks by the young Russian of 20 years is total. That same madness is what he has Luquitas Rodriguezwho was hired to be the presenter of the event.

The humorist’s fanaticism for the “Mini Khabib” has been around for a long time. The driver of Paren la mano (Vorterix Radio) took charge of retweeting how much content he saw from Makhachkala and until he got to interview him on his YouTube channel in June this year.

“Hasbulla is famous on social networks because, for me, the day it closes, he is the person with more charisma of the earthly globe. Tie a monito, upload videos to social networks, It is not that there is something in particular. Hasbulla is“, he also described the Twitch streamer to Magomedov in October 2021 during a report that he read Alejandro Fantino on ESPN.

PROFILE I got in touch with Rodríguez, who didn’t hesitate to show all his joy for having the possibility of sharing the scenario with Hasbulla and getting to know him personally when he arrived in Argentina. “I am very content with the truth. They called me because as they came to Argentina they were looking for a presenter for the show and someone to interview him and Say that you are because I want to know you, but I have nothing to do with the organization or with the people who betray you because I don’t know how it’s moved“, confides Luquita.

Y añade: “I’m simply happy because I’m coming, I’m going to meet you, I’m going to take some photos and I’m going to charlar a mouse with the chabón. Ese es mi rol as a contractor”.

The unknown about the show

A question that invaded the networks and the media is the unknown about the theme of the show and what it will consist of. “I have no idea what the show consists of. They asked me for a couple of ideas, I got a couple of ideas, but it’s not something that depends on me. He’ll be fine, I suppose”, reveals the comedian, adding a greater halo of mystery to the theme.

The Hasbulla phenomenon: announced a show in the Gran Rex with tickets up to $20,000

Yo no sé ni quién lo trae (the Hasbulla). Call me the attention that I think days before they announce a Gran Rex. It’s not a show. They simply hired me to present him and interview him.“, cierra Luquitas Rodríguez, next November 7 will be in one of the biggest theaters of South America together with the young Russian who is the internet sensation.


Tickets to see the 20-year-old born in Makhachkala, Dagestán, are available on the Ticketek website. It will be a unique and exclusive show in one of the biggest theaters in South America. The tickets vfrom 3000 pesos (Pullman) to 18,000 (Platea Platino).

Who is Hasbulla?

The 20-year-old young man rose to fame for his passion for mixed martial arts, coaches and his great charisma as an influencer on social networks. Nicknamed “Mini Khabib” he is now one of the biggest Internet sensations, where he can publish all kinds of videos and content.

Hasbulla has 4.2 million followers on Instagram, he has his own collection of NFT’s, @crypto- hasbulla, his own clothing brand and his line of collectible toys.

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Hasbulla, the young Russian internet sensation

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