Lammens adelantó that there will be a new forecast in 2023 and speculated with some closes

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The Minister of Tourism and Sports, Matías LammensI say that the next edition of the PreViaje program, in your 2023 editionwould be for the months of “low season” and speculated on the possibility that it might take place between april and june.

“We have it in the assumption of the year that it comes. Let’s have an edition in the same current sense, for the low season months. surely sea ​​for the first semester. I imagine it between april and mayo or june”, told in dialogue with La Capital from Mar del Plata.

Previaje: until when there is time to buy tourist packages to travel in November

The minister signaled that the program is “virtuous from many points of view” and that “has worked for the different moments of the industry”. “Sometimes I listen to quejas, but the program has a particularity: el Estado recovers 8.30 of every 10 pesos it invests because it recovers it in taxes, in the growth of economic activity and in the generation of employment”, he said.

Summer 2022-23

Under the viewpoint of Lammens, the summer season will be “good” and en “values ​​similar to los del año pastado”, while adding that “what are we doing to deseasonalize demand it’s important”.

“Always talk about the season, but if we started to change this habit a littlelet’s start talking about something regular that is the best thing that we can pass so that there tourist industry It allows providers to plan throughout the year and that the generation of employment is not seasonal”.

Where to use Previaje credit

The credit can be used at any time provider of tourist services throughout the country. It is not necessary that the provider is registered in Previaje, it only has to belong to the tourist areas enabled by the Programa y tener posnet to be able to charge with a card (if you have the physical card) or to generate the QR (if you use the Billetera Virtual BNA+).

Previaje 3: when they are closed, you have to travel and load the vouchers

Do you have posnet to use credit?

Yes, you must accept Mastercard cards and/or charge via QR code for Billetera Electrónica BNA+.

Can you pay in dues?

No, all purchases made in the framework of the Program must be paid for.

If at the destination there are no services that accept the preloaded card from the Banco Nación, can you pay with another card and ask for reintegration?

You will only be able to pay in those locations and services that have the connection to the BNA+ application or Posnet Mastercard as appropriate. In no case will the funds paid in those places that do not have the lectora de la application be reinstated.


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