“Kelly” Olmos: “No se habla de suma fija, bello de un bono de fin de año”

The Minister of Labor of the Nation, Raquel “Kelly” Olmos, referred to the possibility of implementing a bono of the end of the year and of the antecedent of the public sector. “The thing that most worries me around these things can also reach the informal sectors”, he analyzed in this regard.

In an interview that gave this youth Eduardo “Wado” De Pedroholder of the Interior portfolio, I know that two of the majority partners of the Frente de Todos are discussing a year-end sum to reduce, at least for a month, the effects of salary inflation.

Sergio (Massa) is thinking about a sum with Cristina (Kirchner) so that those who lost with inflation can recover their level of consumption”, owes the employee ayer in El Uncover.

El Gobierno analyzes the payment of a bonus for private workers

Olmos, which comes from having a 107% parity with the union of truck drivers and the businessmen added to a bonus of $100,000, gave another interpretation to the words of their cabinet partner.

In the words of an increase in a sum fija (Massa y Cristina), there is a talk of a bono of the end of the year“, I say this morning in Now Dicen per Futurock. “For what I read, (by Pedro) he was talking about a bono at the end of the year, it is on the negotiation table and on the instruments that we have as alternatives”, she added.

Cristina Kirchner and Sergio Massa
“Wado” De Pedro spoke about the charlas of Cristina y Massa about the possibility of implementing a short fix. Elmos habló of a bono of the end of the year.

Later, he cited the paritary antecedent of the public sector and said that “it was determined a bono de fin de año”.

What did the Minister of Labor say about inflation and parities

For the historical leader of Peronismo porteño, there is a problem with the generation of work in the country: the autoempleo and the informal employment. “Ahí we have to focus”, she explained without more specs.

Regarding the price increase, he recognized that “in high inflation, it is a difficult situation that incomers can recover with the vigor that we would like”.

Registration for the $45,000 Bonus has opened: how to write down and what you can receive

“The inflation we expect this year is very high and we hope it will not exceed 90”, he expressed. In addition, he recognized having a permanent dialogue with President Alberto Fernández.

Finally, he referred to salary negotiations in a year of injured workers for the greater part of the labor sector. “The peer system is a very vigorous institution in Argentina that affirms a very important democratic dynamic”, she said.


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