Jerusalem Syndrome, the curious little known mental disorder that affects tourists

Jerusalem is one of the destinations of Israel most popular with tourists, a place where you can find Muro de los Lamentos y is characterized by occupying a central position within the religion. Aunque, for the majority of travelers to visit the call Tierra Santa, is linked to a personal motivation and an emotional experience, there are cases that go more allá. In this city it is possible to contract a mystical pathology: the Jerusalem syndrome.

It’s about a psychological disorder that affects tourists who visit the city and also those who come from it, which causes hallucinations and personality disorders. Those who suffer from this syndrome identify with biblical characters and they act by imitating what they know from them.

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How was the life of the apostles after the death of Jesus?

Who discovered the Jerusalem syndrome and how it affects tourists

The first to clinically identify the Jerusalem syndrome it was him Dr. Yair Bar-El, a psychiatrist. After examining the 470 tourists who had been declared insane, among most Jews and Christians between 1979 and 1993. The doctor found some common characteristics, so that I was able to identify the symptoms that characterize this pathology.

Of all those tourists that the Israeli psychiatrist treated, and 66% were Jews and he 33 per cent Christians. The most curious thing is that during the weeks around the Christmas of the Jewish Easter was where mayor number of people suffered this syndrome.

  Jerusalem 20221028

This syndrome is defined as a hysterical dissociative disorder. The sick start to feel nervousness O anxiety without any apparent reason and adopt another personality that, later, will not be able to remember.

The 3 types of Jerusalem syndrome

  • first type: people who have a psychotic disorder and go to Jerusalem because they have a mission. They identify with some biblical character, with some political or religious idea.
  • second type: those who suffer psychotic decompensation in your personality. Aunque, it is not possible to reach the delirious dimensions unless you have obsessive ideas.
  • third type: gives in personas that no prior mental disorder. the pathology disappears so only a few days.

The miraculous birth of the Virgin Mary and the anguish of her priests

Jerusalem syndrome, the curious mental disorder that makes people believe prophets

It is estimated that he Jerusalem syndrome affects approximately one hundreds of people a yearwhich develops a kind of mental anguish when visiting the sacred places of this region.

According to a psychiatric studio Yair Bar-Elthose who visit Jerusalem to Christmas can be more likely en contrar el mystico syndrome. The people who suffer you identify with biblical characters such as Moses or Jesusand imitate everything they know about.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta I studied today at the Muro de los Lamentos, Jerusalem 20220627
Muro de los Lamentos

The pathology has been found among tourists of different faiths: Jews, Muslims or Christians. Many of these “affected” tourists improvise tunics from the time of Jesus Christ with the sábanas of the hotel and wander by Tierra Santa.

For example, they men are convinced that they are messiah and las women believe that I’m the figure of it virgin mary. However, since the Edad Media, episodes similar to this pathology have been recorded, when the Swiss theologian Felix Fabri he wrote them in the accounts of his pilgrimages to Jerusalem in the fifteenth century.

But ha bad facts about this syndrome: when visitors leave Jerusalem, return to normality and les it costs to explain why they have been converted in a personaje of the sacred Scriptures.


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