For the USA, the commercial relationship with China is “of paramount importance”

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The relationship between the United States and China is “of paramount importance” for the Biden Administration and Washington’s approach is to ensure that it is effective in putting the economy and American workers in the strongest position to compete, said the nation’s trade head.

“This is one profoundly consequential economic relationshipand it is with a serious purpose that we approach the management of this economic relationship”, says the US commercial representative, Katherine Tai, in an interview with David Westin in “Balance of Power” on Bloomberg Television.

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“It is extremely important for us to approach this relationship to ensure that we are being strategic and effective”, he said, and added that guaranteeing that American companies and workers are “in the most solid position possible to compete” guides everything that the Administration does.

El President Joe Biden has been fighting the decision to eliminate any arancel from the Trump era on imports from China, while the Administration was studying ways to help companies seeking relief, Bloomberg News reported last month, citing people familiar with the matter.

Los aranceles, which began to accumulate in 2018, include imports from industrial inputs, such as microchips and chemical products, to consumer goods, including clothing and furniture. yes there has not been a direct indication of which aranceles can be eliminatedsenior administration officials said that reducing the brackets on articles for the home could help alleviate the increase in the cost of living in the US.

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the former president Donald Trump Impuso Los Aranceles Using Section 301 of the 1974 Law of Commerce. US law. establishes that the branches automatically expire four years after they were imposed, but on the eve of their extinction at the beginning of this year, the Office of the US Commercial Representative. receipt of requests so that they remain in force.

If there are two links on Chinese products, there is a trace of Trump’s aggressive actions against Pekín, the Administration of Biden has kept them as a kind of spear against what the USA. considers its main strategic and economic rival.

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