El Papa Francisco on Hebe de Bonafini: “Su compromiso con el otro fue su mejor antidote”

El pope francis I wanted to be close to las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo, after the death of its president, Bonafini Hebe, this Sunday. Therefore, the Supreme Pontiff sent them a letter subscribing to the character of the referent of the struggle for human rights. He expressed that want to be “about all the people who cried for their departure🇧🇷

In the text, closed ayer in Santa Marta and released this November 21st of November by Madres de Plaza de Mayo, the Pope affirmed that he accompanies Bonafini “with prayer”, “asking for the Lord to give him eternal rest and not allow all the well done is lost”.

“In this moment of pain for the death of Hebe de Bonafini, madre de la plaza, I want to be close to you and all the people who mourned your departure. I suppose to transform your life, like ustedes, marked by the pain of your childrenand missing daughters in a relentless search for the defense of the rights of the most marginalized and invisible”, expresses the text by Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Farewell of Pope Francis to Hebe of Bonafini 20221121

“I remember, in the encounter we had in the Vatican, the passion that was transmitted to me for wanting to give voice to those who didn’t have it. His courage and courage, in moments where silence prevailed, impulsive and afterwards I kept alive the search for truth, memory and justice”, continued.

“A search that she carried out weekly to march so that forgetfulness does not take over the streets and history and, the commitment with the other, was the best word and antidote against the atrocities that were suffered”, subrayó the religious leader.

Farewell of Pope Francis to Hebe of Bonafini 20221121

“In this, its last march, we accompany it with the prayer asking the Lord to grant him eternal rest and do not allow him to lose all the good accomplished; and, to us, comfort and accompany him to continue siendo las Madres de la Memoria “, concluded the Pope when addressing the members of the association.

And closed the missive: “I pray for Ustedes; please, do not forget to pray for me. May Jesus bless you and the Holy Virgin take care of them”.

Víctor “Tucho” Fernández: “In a face to face with Francisco, Hebe and the Pope achieved a true reconciliation”

The pope’s message after the hospitalization of Hebe de Bonafini

Before his death, Pope Francis managed to transmit his greetings to the holder of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo through a visit to the Italian hospital that he made in the past, the archbishop of that city, Victor “Tucho” Fernandez.

The archbishop anticipated then that I found it “very well prepared” for the outcomeey recalled that “she decided that she returned to faith after reconciling with him”, in reference to the Pope.


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