El Gobierno asks Guzmán to “keep silent” for “sovereignty”

Axel Kicillof joined the chorus of leaders of the All Front who criticized the former Minister of Economy, Martin Guzmanfor his words against the deputy Maximo Kirchner and the renegotiation of the loan with him International Monetary Fund (IMF)🇧🇷 At the end of the week, I had answers from Sergio Massa, Gabriel Katopodis, Germán Martínez and Leopoldo Moreau.

Few things unify the divided officialdom like the critical stance against the former holder of the Palacio de Hacienda who left his position in an untimely manner on Saturday 2nd of July.

Interviewed by Alejandro Fantino on Neura, Guzmán took a pyrrhic revenge against Máximo Kirchner, one of his main critics while he was in the government. “Máximo asked for an agreement at 40 years, which is something that is not possible”, he said last week.

More critical, Guzmán added: “What happens is that the vice president, who is her mother, gives power to someone who cannot exercise it responsibly”. He even called it “whimsical”.

Kicillof referred to these sayings and even talked about the negotiation with the IMF headed by Guzmán. 🇧🇷I didn’t like anything, it seemed more regrettable”, he snapped.

Axel Kicillof and Martín Guzmán 20221121
Axel Kicillof called it “lamentable” what he said by Martín Guzmán.

The governor of Buenos Aires recalled the resignation of the former head of Economía and referred to the members of the Frente de Todos who classified the agreement with the multilateral organism as positive. 🇧🇷The exit of Guzmán was a fact that produced a huge instability, whether voluntarily or involuntarily”, I put it on the judgment screen.

🇧🇷This acuerdo is bad, but it was a matter of deciding and showing the oppositewhich was a very good answer, but the truth is not”, criticized Kicillof in dialogue with Raúl Kollmann in X-rays per radio 10🇧🇷

Martín Guzmán strikes back: he broke the silence with strong criticism of Cristina and Máximo Kirchner

Criticisms of Guzmán luego de sus dichos about Máximo Kirchner

Distinguished members of the Frente de Todos were tough with the statements of Martín Guzmán and he endilgaron lack of responsibility in his words.

🇧🇷If the government has to raise a cuesta, the best thing is to keep silent and collaborate in the best way🇧🇷 Do not enter into the political dispute and the public dispute”, criticized Sergio Massa, Minister of Economy.

In the same interview with Futurock, Massa reported a charla with IMF executives who exposed Guzmán. “When the agreement arrives at the Congress, the ex-minister plans that if he does not approve it, how he decides if the agreement falls. But I had a meeting via zoom with the technical team of Fondo, to see if it was like that, and they told me that no, that it was a lie “, he said.

Sergio Massa summed up the criticism against Martín Guzmán.

German Martinezhead of the bench of the Front of All in Deputies, used his account of twitter to answer the economist. “Lamentably Martín Guzmán continues to choose the path of imprudence in its acts and arrogance in its statements“, I wrote.

In the same way the deputy manifested himself Leopold Moreau: “Guzmán omits his responsibility or irresponsibility in carrying forward a negotiation with the IMF that turned out to be terrible. From the start, he had to suspend payments of interests and capital of the goddess until he arrived at an agreement with a longer term maturity line, more interests low and without overloads”.

Eduardo Feinmann dismissed Hebe de Bonafini as “dangerous being” and “mother of terrorists”

He also accused him of “eating almost 30 thousand million of trade surplus” with the Central Bank dollar reserves “exhausted” and he accused him of renegotiating with the Fund.

“I don’t pierdo a second on this counterpoint. They seem to me unfortunate declarations, because today is a topic of the past. We have to look forward and see how we contribute to solving people’s problems”, also criticized Gabriel Katopodis, Minister of Public Works who formed part of the cabinet with Guzmán.


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