Concern in the Pyme industry for falling orders for 2023

The production of the industry manufacturera pyme increased 0.6% yearly in October, at constant prices, although it showed a decrease of 0.7% with respect to the previous month, according to data from the Confederación Argentina de la Mediana Empresa (CAME).

Accumulated Eel of the ten months of 2022 shall be incremented of 2.2% in comparison with the same period of the last year.

“The inflation and the loss of purchasing power of the income are felt in the market and many industries showed concern for the drop in production orders for 2023. In addition, the problems of shortage of some inputs will continue in October”, explained CAME.

The use of the installed capacity of the sample companies was located at 72.5%, 0.3% over Septemberwith the levels highest in Paper and Printing (77.6%) and them more low in Metal, Machinery, Equipment and Transport Material (70.4%).

Why the Pymes are the exit to the decadence that nobody is debating

The results come from the Pyme Industrial Production Index (IPIP) that this entity elaborates, on a sample of 371 Pyme industries at federal level.

The best performance in October was in Chemicals and Plastics, with an annual increase of 7.1%. The worst occurred in clothing and textiles (-10.3% year-on-year).

Production of Pymes industries.  20221121

La performance pyme por rubro en october

The following is the detail of each item:

  • Food and drinks: the production had an increase of 0.5% annual and a decrease of 5.5% in the monthly comparison. In the accumulated of the year, it maintains a 2.7% increase compared to the same months of 2021. For many industries, the high sales season begins, but there is a fear that, due to price increases, the results will not be as expected.
  • Clothing and textiles: the branch recorded a drop of 10.3% yearly and 0.5% monthly. In the accumulated January-October there is an increase of 2% compared to the same months of 2021, explained by the good performance in the first quarter of the year.
    The sector worked in October with 75.6% of its installed capacity. Follow the difficulties to get certain inputs y las companies sustained that production orders were slowed down. A peaceful end of year is anticipated.
  • Wood and Furniture: In October, sales dropped 3% compared to the same month last year, but they rose 5% compared to September.
  • Metallic, machinery, equipment and transport material: the elaboration increased 3.3% annual, 3.3% monthly and takes a height of 2.5% when comparing the first ten months of 2022 with the same period of 2021.
    The companies worked with 70.1% of their installed capacity.
  • Chemicals and plastics: sales rose 7.1% year-on-year in October, although they contracted 2.5% in the monthly comparison. For the January-October period, an annual increase of 3.8% is registered.
    The industry works with 71.4% of its installations. Since the companies are reporting that, if the production continues to grow, less interest is being noticed. In any case, in the firms coincident that until this December they are covered with the orders already scheduled, even though it concerns the 2023.
  • Paper, cardboard, editing and printing: production fell 3.9% annually in October and 2.8% monthly. In the accumulated of the year there is still an annual increase of 3%. Despite the drop, the sector operated with 77.6% of its installed capacity, a high level in relation to the rest of the industries. was one of the rubros where the lack of inputs was most noticeable, which adds to the more structural problems that this activity has, such as low competitiveness and changes in consumer patterns, which affect branches such as paper mills and plastic bag factories.


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