Barroso gives a song suggestion: ‘Já Vai Tarde’

With just a few hours to go before the second round of elections, Minister Luís Roberto Barroso, from Federal Court of Justiceused social networks to suggest the song It’s Latefrom the band Mania de Ser.

“Tip of the week, a book: The One Hundred Best Brazilian Poems of the Century (Ítalo Moriconi)”, wrote the magistrate this Friday, 28, on Twitter. “A thought: ‘It’s no use breaking the mirror because you don’t like the image’; a song: It’s Late, Mania of Being.”

Barroso’s followers soon shared his post celebrating the minister’s alleged indirection to president and reelection candidate Jair Bolsonaro (PL). “Pingo is lyrics”, wrote one internet user. “And Barroso sent the strong lyrics. #President Lula.”

The song indicated by the minister says: “To live by appearance is to ask to be deceived. Who plays with fire, one day appears burned. For someone who has been a king, it is difficult to be without a reign. I’m sorry, but I wasn’t born to lose. The lie cannot win.”

On Sunday the 30th, the presidential candidate Lula (PT) and President Bolsonaro will contest the second round of elections. On October 2, the PT took the lead with 48% of the votes and Bolsonaro took 43%.

On October 21, Barroso also made other nominations to his followers. it’s about the music I choose you, by Clarice Falcão; the book The Far Right Today, by Cas Muddem; and the thought of Pat Mitchell: “Those who don’t vote ignore history and waste the future”.

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