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Poor communication media, such as El Uncover, the three-day-a-week privilege of building each time the main topic on the national political agenda. His driver, Roberto Navarro, interviewed the moons with Máximo Kirchner, the children with Alberto Fernández and the visits with Wado de Pedro.

And the moon went up the scholarship and the Argentine bonos al Máximo Kirchner announced that his mother would not be a candidate for president, the child would have the President to have to decide that if he was for the good time of the Frente de Todos he would be willing to lift his candidacy for the reelection. And the interior minister, Wado de Pedro, made it official that since Kirchnerism they have been trying to “convince” the President to lift the PASO.

What they have in common in these three interviews, in addition to all of them coinciding in the same week and in their director –Roberto Navarro, communicator office also among them ya that Máximo Kirchner tells that there is a lot that they haven’t talked about–, resides precisely in this last one: to make official that the President for the first time, unequivocally and purposefully, made public his autonomy from Cristina Kirchner, appointing ministers without consensus with his vice and, fundamentally, implementing an electoral strategy against what Kirchnerism thinks there is to be, which led some analysts to classify the change in the President’s attitude as “late albertism”.

in The art of war, the book of military strategy written by Sun Tzu in the century V before Christ and which inspired Napoleon, Machiavelo and Mao Zedong, among so many victorious commanders, is designated the maximum importance at the moment and at the place where the battle is decided. That if the last year, and just when you have to decide the lists of candidates for the following period, is minimally symptomatic. But still being committed within the government, with his own personal support in the function of the success of the management, as a third member of the Coalition holding the Minister of Economy.

What today is late, in order to have been successful in the interior of the Frente del Todos, could be called upon in time for what could not have been counted with sufficient strength to advance a prolonged struggle since the beginning of his term.

Could it be decided in the future that Alberto Fernández would succeed in the internal of the officialist coalition, so that the Frente de Todos loses the next elections –but with some dignity– because of the possibility of having displaced the kirchnerism of the hegemonic control of the coalition?

Could it also be possible to decide in the future that Alberto Fernández would succeed in the internal of the officialist coalition even though there is no reelection candidate?

Quienes share affirmative answers to both questions, allowing us to conjecture that Alberto Fernández waited for the moment when he believed he was in the best position to fight some battle. What is clear today is that the President has decided to re-empower himself to the extent that Kirchnerism needs to “convince” him of a distinct electoral strategy of his own.

Perhaps Alberto Fernández had never summarily accepted all the responsibility of his vice-president and, as has been mentioned so many times in these columns, the letters and the critical public messages of Cristina Kirchner were a symptom that his word was not heard in private, as she aspired to do. , and needed to do it in public; more than as a sign of power, on the contrary, just like the reports now by Máximo Kirchner and Wado by Pedro con Navarro in El Destape.

And if you compare it with the interior in Juntos por el Cambio, Mauricio Macri has lately been more vigorous in his space than Cristina Kirchner in his suyo, which would also allow us to conjecture that Alberto Fernández decided to re-empower himself also at a time when his strength was less strong. Kirchnerism.

Do you have a chance of triumph for the Frente de Todos in the 2023 elections? months Carlos Melconian?

Much will depend on the evolution of the economy under the control of Sergio Massa and himself, having had success, his reach to be the natural candidate. The Minister of Economy, when he was president of the Chamber of Deputies, repeated over and over again that he would never be a candidate if Alberto Fernández decided to present himself for reelection. The President maintains that the eventual economic successes of Sergio Massa will be the successes of his government and his government.

No one head of state who crossed the pandemic and now the recession that as a result of the job, in addition to the war in Ukraine, summing up world economic disorders, was reelected. Probably the valuation of the mandate of Alberto Fernández improved with the time as –saving the enormous distances– followed the valuation of the government of Raúl Alfonsín, mirror in what the current president enjoys always reflecting.

Another sign of empowerment by Alberto Fernández is the support of the majority of unions and social organizations around the city and vice. The recent former minister of Vivienda (Territorial Development and Habitat) Jorge Ferraresi, vice-president of the Instituto Patria and undisputed admirer of Cristina Kirchner, on his way back to Avellaneda’s stewardship, says that since the votes to annul the PASOs are not held, “let’s not discuss something more that it won’t be able to be”, to paraphrase Wado de Pedro, they could not convince the President because with his dedication to getting the votes it would be more feasible than having approved the Presupuesto.

The policy always gives surprises, the reempowerment of Alberto Fernández, while modest, no one thought about it.

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